6 Things You Didn’t Know About Kratom Pills

Are you suffering from insomnia, stress, or chronic pain? A natural-based supplement may offer you the relief that you need. One of the best supplements is Kratom, which some know by its scientific name Mitragyna Speciosa.

Although Kratom is a new product in the US market, it has gained popularity thanks to its fantastic health benefits. The compound is available in different strains, each with specific healing properties for varying health issues.

Kratom may help you fight common health problems, improve your sleep quality, and offer pain relief, improving your overall life quality.

The following article discusses some things you ought to know about safe Kratom pills.

1. What is Kratom Pills and How is it Used

Kratom pills are herbal supplements derived from a Kratom tree indigenous in Asia. It is traditionally used in boosting energy and relieving aches and pain.

The pills contain two primary alkaloids, namely 7-HMG and MG. It acts as a mild stimulant when taken in low doses and gives opiate-like high when overdosed.

Taking kratom pills is a discrete and convenient way to enjoy the plant’s benefits. It offers the best way to enjoy kratom while on the go and without annoying anyone in public, like when smoking it. Many people like the pills because:

• They are easy to take
• No risk of overdosing as each pill has the specific dosage
• Slower acting effects

2. Why Do People Take Kratom Pills

People are using Kratom due to its ability to relieve pain. A group of scientists conducted a study to know why people consume Kratom. Reports show that people are consuming this compound to quit other drugs such as opiates. Kratom can also ease withdrawal symptoms from an opiate.

Kratom is claimed to have excellent therapeutic properties, making it an effective alternative to pharmaceutical medicines. The benefits range from managing post-traumatic stress disorder, pain relief, mood enhancement, and libido boosting.

3. What Does Kratom Do in Your Body

A study shows that Kratom is an agonist that binds to opiate receptors in the brain. These receptors are also activated when you take opioids such as prescribed painkillers or heroin.

The primary alkaloids in Kratom, 7-hydroxy mitragynine, and mitragynine are responsible for controlling pain by binding to opiate receptors reducing the pain perception.

In recent years, the use of Kratom as an alternative opioid in pain-relieving has gained popularity. In most cases, the compound is used in managing chronic pain associated with health issues such as arthritis.

In the USA, one in every five individuals suffers from chronic pain, and Kratom may treat such pain and improve the general mood.

4. What are the Risks of Taking Kratom Pill?

Although Kratom may offer lots of health benefits, a study has shown that consumption of this compound may leave you with several side effects. From 2011, poison control centers in the US received about 1800 cases involving Kratom consumption with several death cases.

Half of the reports resulted from serious negative effects such as high blood pressure and seizures.

Side effects that result from Kratom consumption include:

• Dry mouth
• Chills, vomiting, and nausea
• Muscle pain
Weight loss
• Constipation and changes in urine

If it affects the brain and nervous system, the outcomes include:

• Hallucinations and delusion
• Depression
• Breathing difficulties
• Seizure, coma
• Drowsiness

After consumption, it will take about five to ten minutes before the effect kicks in, and it will last for about two to five hours. The Kratom effect will be more substantial if you increase the quantity.

Many of the health issues caused by Kratom consumption happen when taken in large quantities or over a long period. Avoiding misusing it and sticking to low doses can allow you to enjoy the benefits and minimize the side effects.

5. Is Kratom Addictive?

A study shows that Kratom might have addictive properties. Some people report experiencing withdrawal after stopping using this compound and developing a tolerance to the Kratom.

About one in every ten individuals experience withdrawal symptoms after stopping the usage for at least one day after a long period of heavy consumption. These findings are essential in creating public awareness on the possible addiction to Kratom use.

If you have a problem with substance use, you should be extra careful before using this compound. Ensure you weigh the possible benefits and risks of consuming Kratom pills.

Although Kratom may be a less harmful alternative to other drugs, it can turn dangerous when misused. Talking to a kratom expert and using it in moderation reduces the risks.

6. Is it Legal in the US?

So far, Kratom hasn’t been banned federally in the US. However, some states like Alabama, Vermont, and Rhode Island have categorized this herb extract as illegal.

It’s important you find out if Kratom is allowed in your city or state before trying to purchase or consume it.


Is it your first time trying Kratom? You need to be well informed to get the most out of Kratom. Do your research and buy your Kratom pills from a reputable source.