lasers green versus red light

Lasers: Green Versus Red Light

Lasers are important in plenty of different industries. From construction to surveying and installation, lasers can help a project run more efficiently. They can help provide accurate measurements over long distances as they project vertical or horizontal lines. But should you be using a green or a red laser? Read on to find out the pros and cons of both.

Red lasers

Red lasers have traditionally been popular, but they’ve fallen out of favour after the emergence of green lasers. Nevertheless, the red laser still has plenty of benefits. For a start, the red laser has a stronger battery life as it doesn’t require the same amount of power as a green laser. What’s more, they’re usually cheaper than green lasers – a useful point if you’re running on a budget.

Green lasers

While the green laser is more expensive and has a shorter battery life, it does have many benefits. This all stems from the fact that the human eye is much more sensitive to the colour green compared to the colour red.

As a result, green lasers have much higher visibility – they can be seen more accurately in a much wider range of conditions. This is particularly important if you need a laser that can work all year round in all sorts of different environments.

To add to this, green lasers can also maintain their visibility over much longer distances than red lasers. While they do tend to cost more than their counterparts, you can still get an excellent deal on a green laser level from Milwaukee Tools.

Which one is more suitable for my task?

Ultimately, this depends on the level of visibility you need during your project. If you’re using a laser as a one-off, then it could be worth going for a cheaper option to stick to your budget.

Similarly, if you’re worried about range but still want to use a red laser then you could consider pairing it with a laser detector to help boost its visibility over a longer distance. These two tools combined will cost around the same as a green laser.

On the flipside, if you’re going to use your laser frequently and in all sorts of different locations, then the power and versatility of the green laser is essential. While it will cost more, the green laser will provide more value and utility over the lifetime of the tool.

Lasers are incredibly helpful during many projects. When you need to purchase one, just consider your budget, location and visibility and make a choice from there. By considering these factors, you should be all set to select the right laser for you.

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