100 Things You Should Add To Your Life Goals List Now

We are specks of stardust that wander space. Some of us like wandering aimlessly, and some of us are too busy stuck with responsibilities. To strike a balance between both these worlds, we’ve curated a list of goals for you to chase and keep it entertaining. Ranging from simple to extreme, here’s a hundred crazy yet achievable life goals list that you can attempt whenever you want to!

#1. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

The first mountain is always the hardest. Let us pick a relatively easy one with a fun climb.

#2. Become a Lord or a Lady

Who doesn’t want to be called a Lord or a Lady? All you need to do is buy a piece of land for 45 dollars in the plains of Scotland.

#3. Take a Day Each Year to Fulfill Your Childhood Whims

Remember that extra scoop of ice cream you wanted, but your parents always said no? Buy it now!

#4. Learn to Solve a Rubik’s Cube

Pick up a Rubik’s cube and practice solving it. A neat parlor trick to impress your friends and good practice in flexibility.

#5. Spend a Night in a Graveyard

It may sound scary, but you could just spend the night asleep if that helps?

#6. Live in a Treehouse for a Week

Live out your inner Tarzan; make your forest fantasy a reality. You can be at peace with nature here.

#7. Legally Own a Star

You can buy a star online and call it your rock from outer space!

#8. Try the Ouija Board

A standard plot from countless horror movies waiting to be tried out! Get that Ouija board out, and summon the forbidden.

#9. Skydiving

You can fly with a parachute and appropriate safety measures. Skydiving lessons are a fantastic way to soar from great heights and keep flying.

#10. Stand on the Edge of an Active Volcano

Feel the earth’s power and anger in real life as you feel the magma’s heat from the land’s crater. Do not get too close!

#11. Join the Bullfight in Spain

Just let go and run and be free. The bulls are chasing you, so you just keep running till you reach the other side!

#12. Go on a Trek with Your Friends

If you feel like you need a break from life itself, take a trek with your friends to get some perspective.

#13. Go to the Everest Base Camp with Your Family

Create a memory with your family that will last forever and brings you closer than ever.

#14. Go on a Bike Trip

The absolute power of driving a bike up snowy mountains is a feeling that cannot be put in words. Try it!

#15. Meet Your Favorite Author

They have charmed you with their words for a long time. Meet them and let them know how much they changed your life.

#16. Spend a Night Outside Looking at the Stars

The stars have always been there. The universe is infinite, give in to the feeling.

#17. Work for an NGO

Feel the satisfaction of giving back to the world. Work for an NGO that works on a cause you believe in.

#18. Get a Haircut

Get a fancy haircut you have always wanted. Will it be Jennifer Aniston’s bangs or Edward Scissorhands’ messy hairdo?

#19. Color Your Hair

You might pick red, or blue, or pink, or yellow. Just choose a color and enjoy how it feels.

#20. Get Tattoos

That anchor tattoo on your ankle is just a googled tattoo store away. Get cute matching ones with a loved one!

#21. Practice Yoga

Try it to feel at peace within yourself. Be like Katy Perry and relax on your upward Dog!

#22. Act in a Movie

While becoming Chuck Nolan is difficult, acting as the bystander who bumps into Chuck Nolan in the film isn’t too tricky.

#23. Get a House in the Mountains

Save up to buy that secret hideaway you have dreamed of forever.

#24. Visit the Spiritual Center of Every Religion

Increase your knowledge of the world and learn more every day.

#25. Learn Horse Riding

A knight needs a horse. But the knight also needs to know how to ride it.

#26. Learn How to Drive a Car

It is a necessary life skill, and being able to drive to places gives you great freedom.

#27. Learn How to Take Care of a Car

If you own a car, the chances of you needing to know how to change a tire on your own are high.

#28. Become an Expert

A jack of all trades is a great thing. But try and find that one thing you can be good at and become a true master.

#29. Visit the 9 Wonders of the World

The mammoth Colosseum in Italy. The romantic Taj Mahal in India. The mysterious Machu Picchu. The ancient Great Wall of China. There’s something mesmerizing about each of these monuments.

#30. Participate in an Open Mic

All the world is your stage, and you are performing for them. The best part of an open mic is that there is no pressure.

#31. Go Randonauting

Randonauting is using your coordinates to find a ‘point’ based on quantum numbers and nature, while keeping an ‘intent’ in mind of what you want to see at a point. Go on an adventure to discover the secrets of magical moments around your house.

#32. See a Ghostly Apparition

While this may be slightly outside your control, if you see one, approach it peacefully?

#33. Learn a Secret Recipe on Your Travels

Imagine leaning forward to listen to an old farmer teach you the best way to bake potatoes. You go back home and try it yourself, and they taste delicious!

#34. Learn Sword Fighting and its Styles

The best to defend yourself is with a blade, and the first rule is to stick the pointy end first.

#35. Go on a Cruise

A quiet holiday with no sense of time or direction, but you visit a large part of the world in the process. A cruise is an ideal extended vacation plan.

#36. Assist in a Homicide Investigation

Play out every fantasy you have ever had of being a detective when you write up your case about the missing dog or theft.

#37. Learn How to Wear a Kimono

Apart from being a stunning style statement, you learn about Japanese culture.

#38. Read Over 100 Books in a Year

Reading can change your life, and more reading is only suitable for you.

#39. Paragliding

It is another way to fly as high as you can.

#40. Watch the Northern Lights

Feel the magic of nature, interacting with your eyes as you shake off the cold and rub your hands to warm yourself.

#41. Spend a Day in a Library

Spend a day in the quiet of the library.

#42. Go Pearl Diving

Wear a snorkel and dive for a precious treasure that you find with luck and determination.

#43. Pet a Baby Elephant

Visit the nearest pet farm and learn to love these gentle creatures.

#44. Go on a Desert Safari

Go on a Desert Safari to see more of the world and to face its challenges.

#45. Learn to Play an Instrument

Feel the music coursing through you as you spend your time relaxing and learning a skill that can make everyone happy, including you.

#46. Start a Band

You find other people who do the same thing, and you form friendships that give you unforgettable memories.

#47. Bury a Time Capsule

It may feel a little silly, but preserving essential items of your generation for the future generation in a secure place underground feels like leaving a mark on history, doesn’t it?

#48. Go to a Silent Concert

A concert where only you can hear the music in your ears, not the world at large, is precisely what you need right now.

#49. Grow a Plant

Start taking care of nature. The best way to begin is by making it a part of your life. Bring home a potted geranium or a cactus!

#50. Make Changes to Live Sustainably

Taking small steps in the right direction can make a significant impact on the environment later on.

#51. Set Up a Financial Plan for Oneself

Start saving from the beginning of your career to make plans for the future with ease.

#52. Write Every Day

It could be your thoughts or a story, or a summary of your day. Writing every day can give you space to reflect and come to terms with the events of the day.

#53. Get a Health Checkup Regularly

As you get older, you need to regularly screen your health to avoid the onset of diseases caused due to age or lifestyle changes.

#54. Write a Will

Write down who you want to bequeath your worldly possessions to after you pass on. Include charities and welfare organizations if you can.

#55. Run a Marathon

A marathon for charity is an excellent way to test your health and contribute to the world.

#56. Ride in a Hot-Air Balloon

Take a slow saunter in the sky in a chariot meant for a king. A brightly colored hot-air balloon is the best way to travel in the sky.

#57. Learn to Ski

Travel the icy slopes at breakneck speeds and feel the winds zip past you as you make your way down a steep slope on skis.

#58. Learn a Foreign Language

Learn to speak in Dutch, or German, or Elvish, or Serbian! Become more worldly.

#59. Vote

The easiest way to change the course of history itself, is to engage in the largest political exercise in the world!

#60. Learn to Surf

The many beaches of the world have sick waves calling for a new surfer to try out. Find a cool board, decorate it and get on the waters!

#61. Go to a Music Festival

Take a week off from work to hit the nearest music festival. Anything from Coachella to the ‘I Love God’ musical bonanza where you can be with music.

#62. Watch the Sun Rise and Set

Cherish a moment with your loved one on a rooftop as you watch the sun rise and fall.

#63. Visit an Art Gallery

Spend an evening roaming the halls of an art gallery. You can pretend to be a curator and wear a sweater vest and sigh at intervals.

#64. Trace Your Ancestry

Are you secretly Finnish? Find your roots and discover your ancestors. Maybe they were on the Mayflower?

#65. Donate Your Blood and Body to Science

There is no better time to donate your body to science. Everything happens only after you pass away and could save someone’s life someday.

#66. Learn to Dance

Do you like Dirty Dancing and tap? Or the classic foxtrot is more your thing? Dance is the best way to have fun and relieve stress.

#67. Write Down Your Own Life Goals and Try to Follow Them

Write them down and review them once in a while! You might make more headway when you keep track of how you are doing.

#68. Try Being Vegan for a Month

Veganism is good for the environment and good for you! A month never hurt anyone?

#69. Get a Pet

A pet toad, a turtle, an owl, or even an orange salamander can be a constant companion. Even a generic cat, dog or parrot will do.

#70. Make Something with Your Own Hands

Whether it is a clay pot or a doll made of paper, take some time out of your day to craft something with your own two hands.

#71. Work Out a Proper Sleep Schedule and Follow It

Our devices can take over our lives and kill our sleep. Fight it and move on the path to good health.

#72. Learn Basic First Aid

Basic first aid can save your life and minimize problems that arise in the course of your life.

#73. Pamper Yourself Once in a While

Whether you want to adopt a 15 step Korean skin care routine or get a gold facial, self-care is your friend.

#74. Go to the Universal Studios

You have spent your whole life laughing at these characters on a screen. See how they are in real life.

#75. Cryptocurrency

A few days of research may make your head spin, but it is an exciting way to spice up your financial security. If you want to try, know the trends first. The honest crypto signals can help you get the latest trends.

#76. Finish the Menu at Your Favorite Restaurant

You might have a soft spot for Taco Bell or Subway, but take the time out to change your selection each time!

#77. Pay for an Underprivileged Child’s Education

A donation of fewer than 12 dollars a month can change the course of a child’s future.

#78. Take Part in a Protest

Join movements and marches in support of important causes. Show solidarity to inspire change.

#79. Take a Class on Something that Interests You

A class where you to have fun and learn what you like without any pressure is a necessary measure of growth and peace in life.

#80. Speak to Someone Outside Your Direct Social Circle

Talk to someone outside your social circle at least once a month. Make a new friend!

#81. Learn to Bake

A Christmas cake or tiramisu, the dessert world is calling to you!

#82. Watch a Series You Haven’t Seen Before

Sometimes, re-watching that episode of ‘The Office’ could be replaced by something you haven’t seen before?

#83. Spend New Years’ on Holiday

Spend a New Year with your family in a new place with new horizons to look at.

#84. Learn a Form of Martial Arts

It is an excellent way to exercise and a perfect way to protect yourself, while wearing cool robes.

#85. Pay Off All Debts

While this goal is slightly more challenging, it is nonetheless a goal one should aspire to. Even charity counts.

#86. Do Something You Never Thought You Would Do

Did you think you would never go on stage? Now is the time to change that.

#87. Write Your Memoir

Even if you aren’t Michelle Obama, writing down your memoir is a good trip down memory lane. Take stock of the beautiful life you have lived.

#88. Have Breakfast for Dinner

One day, unironically, have breakfast for dinner.

#89. Travel by Yourself

While traveling with your loved ones is very fun, traveling alone is cathartic.

#90. Be Apocalypse Ready

Do you have a store of food? An alternate source of energy? A bomb shelter? Make a doomsday kit!

#91. Talk to Your Loved One

Spend some time in gratitude. Tell everyone you love how much they mean to you and changed your life for the better.

#92. Take Pictures and Fill an Album

Make a comprehensive collection of the poignant moments of your life to laugh at later on.

#93. Row a Boat

Go to your nearest lake and spend an afternoon figuring out how boats work.

#94. Buy Something Expensive

Something you thought you would never buy. A frivolous purchase just to make you happy is a good reward for yourself.

#95. Watch a Film with Subtitles

A film in an unfamiliar language can be equally enjoyable. Watch it and have fun.

#96. Learn to Love Solitude

Whether you like it or not, you will spend most of your life inside your mind. Enjoying the place you’ve created is the best thing you can do.

#97. Taste Something You Have Never Had Before

That cupcake-in-a-cake combination must have made your mouth water. Now is the time to try it!

#98. Write Your TED Talk

While your opportunity to deliver it may not happen anytime soon, writing it for yourself as an inspiration is a good idea.

#99. Draw. Paint. Create.

Draw anything that inspires you. The doodles you make on office supplies also count.

#100. Live Life on Your Terms

Do not let anyone dictate how you live your life. Your life is in your hands.

A Few Parting Words

There you have it! A comprehensive list of goals that are easily attainable. How many on this list have you already completed? What’s life without a little spice and fun? Check this life goals list off the list at your pace, and live to narrate some crazy stories.