29 Thought-Provoking Lil Peep Quotes: The Thoughts of an Emo Rapper

There’s nothing more tragic than watching talented young people gamble with their lives and eventually lose. When I heard about the unfortunate passing of Lil Peep back in 2017, I was as shocked as everyone else. I was incredibly saddened, but deep down, I wouldn’t say I was surprised. Having heard many Lil Peep quotes and song lyrics, I knew how deeply troubled he was.

But then, many of Lil Peep’s fans felt the same way he did, which is why his music spoke to so many of us. After all, the way he talked about his struggles with substance abuse and suicidal ideation was truly awe-inspiring. Ultimately, that’s why his untimely death was so devastating to his fans and to the world.

Still, we can hold on to the fact that, while he was alive, Lil Peep gave us some of the most deeply contemplative lyrics I’ve ever heard. So let’s all remind ourselves of what an amazing person this young rapper really was.

Lil Peep Quotes About Heartbreak, Love, and Hate

#1. “Nothin’ worse than losing a friend

And the feeling u get when everybody that you love ain’t around,

I really got to get away from this town

I’m just waitin’ for a wave and I’ll drown, Satan letting me down.” — Haunt U

#2. “I just wanna lay my head on your chest

So I’m as close as it gets to your heart

We can fall apart, start over again.” — We Think Too Much

#3. “I know that I’m not that important to you

But to me, girl, you’re so much more than gorgeous

So much more than perfect

Right now I know that I’m not really worth it.” — Star Shopping

#4. “Rain keeps falling, tears keep falling

Darling, your love is like walking a bed of nails

And I just can’t keep on fine.” — Falling Down

#5. “I’ve had my heart broken in a lot of different ways a lot of different times by different people — whether it be a family member, a girlfriend, a friend, just all types of relying on people, making yourself vulnerable to people.”

#6. “It’s either love or hate with me. People can really hate me.”

#7. “B*tches call me Cobain

She can see the pain

Look me in the eyes, girl, we are not the same

B*tch, I make it rain on my side b*tch, shout out to my main

Fell in love once, and I’ve never been the same” — ​Cobain

#8. “Lovin’ you is like a fairytale

I just can’t pick up the phone again

This time, I’ll be on my own, my friend

One more time, I’m all alone again” — Spotlight

Lil Peep Quotes About Coping With Substance Abuse

#9. “Runnin’ away from you takes time and pain

And I don’t even want to

So I’m gettin’ high all week without you

Poppin’ pills, thinkin’ about you” — U Said

#10. “Help me find a way to pass the time

Everybody tellin’ me life’s short, but I wanna die

Help me find a way to make you mine

Everybody tellin’ me not to, but I’m gonna try

Now I’m gettin’ high again, tonight” — ​The Brightside

#11. “Kurt Cobain jeans, you my Courtney Love

Thraxxl Rose how I got the club going up

Taking bars for anxiety

Smoking kush is my therapy” — Dying

#12. “I don’t wanna die alone right now, but I admit I do sometimes

These drugs are callin’ me, do one more line, don’t fall asleep

This is the song they played when I crashed into the wall

This is the girl I told that we could have it all” — the song they played (when i crashed into the wall)

Lil Peep Quotes About Death and Dying

#13. “They gon’ miss me when I’m dead, I lay my head and rest in peace.” — Praying to the Sky

#14. “Choking on sorrow, yeah, reaper just take me” — P.S. F**k You C**t

#15. “And if you ever need a friend, then you got me

And in the end, when I die, would you watch me?

And if I try suicide, would you stop me?

Would you help me get a grip or would you drop me?” — Life is Beautiful

#16. “I been by myself for a long time

I just wish that I could know if I was on your mind

Runnin’ out of time

I just wish that I could know if you were by my side

On the day I die, would you even cry?” — About U

#17. “Hold me, I can’t breathe

I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna OD

Cup full of lean, pure codeine

Ten lines deep, now I can’t see” — Falling 4 Me

#18. “Wake up in the morning, now you doing the impossible

Find out what’s important, now you’re feeling philosophical

When I die, I’ll pack my bags, move somewhere more affordable

Isn’t life horrible? I think that life is horrible” — Life is Beautiful

#19. “I got a feelin’ that I’m not gonna be here for next year

So let’s laugh a little before I’m gone

I’ve been dreamin’ of this shit for a while now

Got me high now

She don’t love me, but she’s singin’ my songs” — The Way I See Things

Lil Peep Quotes About Music, Fashion, and Art

#20. “Shout out to everyone makin’ my beats, you helpin’ me preach

This music’s the only thing keepin’ the peace when I’m fallin’ to pieces” — Star Shopping

#21. “I grew up listening to a lot of emo music, a lot of rock music, a lot of rap music, a lot of trap music, funk, everything.”

#22. “My first year making music was very experimental. I was trying to find my sound. My second year, I was more in my element. I knew what type of production I wanted to go over and the topics I wanted to address.”

#23. “People understand my message is positive, and at the end of the day, I’m just here to make music that I enjoy and that other people enjoy. I think that’s why I have such a loyal fan base.”

#24. “I always make music as an art — it’s never been a product for me.”

#25. “Some days, I’ll be very down and out, but you won’t be able to tell, really, because I don’t express that side of myself on social media. That’s the side of myself that I express through music.”

#26. “I feel like I’m a creative, and I want to take advantage of that.”

#27. “I never dress the same way for a week — I’ll dress like a whole other person the next week.”

#28. “David Bowie is my biggest inspiration. Pretty much the only thing that stayed the same with Bowie was his eyes. Everything else constantly changed, from his sexuality to his songs.”

#29. “I want to go deep into fashion; I want to go maybe into acting. There’s a lot of stuff I would like to go into.”

To Conclude

Most people are fortunate enough to never truly understand the toll poor mental health can take on a person, their family, and the community at large. If you’re one such person, I can only hope these words might have even opened your eyes to some of those struggles.

On the other hand, if you’re a heartbroken fan like me, these Lil Peep quotes may bring you closure. After all, pain wasn’t the only thing this young man felt. Even though he was known for reviving emo music, his lyrics were also full of hope and love. He didn’t want to die, not really. Furthermore, he was always planning for a brighter future — and that’s something we can all learn from him even now.

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