Why Location Hire Is Essential For Event Planning

Event planning can be incredibly time-consuming and stressful, especially if you’re in charge of the location as well as all of the details. It can be difficult to find time to plan all of the details, let alone scout out and book a space that will meet your needs, while still being within your budget.

Location hire is so important and so unique, that you don’t want to risk making any mistakes. Here are nine reasons why choosing services and overbooking your own space will give you more time to focus on what matters the event itself!

To save time and money

According to a study, event producers are choosing to rent a venue instead of owning one. Doing so allows them to plan their event in the most location possible with less risk and liability because when an event takes place, it’s usually inside a facility or on grounds controlled by one company.

In addition, hiring a facility and planning an event provides everything you need to create your dream day: spacious hallways, tables for registration and staging as well as food and beverages, catering professionals for all meal services, and professional lighting engineers who can help control light levels and shading plans if you have specific needs like video conferencing or large scale decorating needs. You even get someone else to load out your items at the end of the night!

To make the most of your venue

The venue might offer amenities you don’t have access to elsewhere. For example, a venue might have on-site catering or daycare services that can take the burden off your mind and help you make the most of your time there. If you have lots of equipment but no way to set it up, then having a venue where equipment can be delivered and set up for you will make all the difference in the world. Having transportation services available at your destination can also come in handy when you’re trying to get everything over there without breaking anything in transit!

To communicate a unique idea

A great way to give your event a personal touch and add an element of originality is to hire the space. An alternative to the traditional office venue or hotel, hosting an event in a unique location such as a brewery, plant nursery, or even a dance studio can offer your guests new surroundings to enjoy. If you’re going the route of hosting an event in a rented space rather than at a hotel or office space, it helps to have some personalization on-site that reflects what your company stands for.

To be prepared for all eventualities

When unexpected things happen, the difference between being able to do something about it and not can be the availability of resources like a specific vehicle, catering staff, or event equipment. For example, you might need an extra bathroom for a hundred people that no one knew about and there’s not one available on site or nearby so it could be a disaster if your event needs porta potties but doesn’t have enough budget to rent them as well as additional trash cans and hand wash stations.

To embrace good design

It’s important to always keep in mind the concept of good design and what that means. Your guests, co-workers, and all other attendees deserve a space that visually stimulates them and leaves them feeling inspired. The most important thing to remember when designing your event space is that you have the power to do so. Embrace it and watch as your event turns into an exceptional experience.

For a polished product

When you’re looking to hire a location for your event, there are a lot of things to consider. The first thing to think about is who the audience is and what type of venue would work best with your message. The second thing to think about might be how much space you need whether it’s a large hall or an intimate lounge.

As you’re working through these questions, it’s important not to forget that hiring the location means working with the people behind the scenes, like planners and facilities managers. So what does location hire entail? One of the most crucial aspects of planning an event at a different location is selecting the perfect catering company.

That’s why if you want a professionally-catered dinner party at home, we recommend making sure they have access to all necessary amenities (like ovens) as well as staff that can help manage set up and clean up. There are also other considerations when choosing between venues.

It may seem trivial but some venues may have different rules when it comes to bringing in outside vendors. If you’re having trouble deciding on where to go, keep in mind that our team has many years of experience providing detailed comparisons of different types of locations so take advantage!

For consistency with other parts of the marketing plan

It will give you more time to concentrate on other parts of the event by taking care of venue matters. Hiring a professional can ensure that your guests are looked after to the highest standard. Engaging in long-term negotiations with a venue will often result in better deals and incentives.

For flexibility in usage

What if the event space is a little too small to fit your party? What if you want to throw a surprise event, but you don’t know what the space looks like? These are just some of the questions that may be on your mind as an event planner. You can rest assured that with a location hire, you have all of these questions answered ahead of time and won’t be scrambling to make any last-minute changes.

Many spaces require them to order tables, chairs, and decorations in advance. This means that they’ve already budgeted money for these things, which can save you money in the long run because it prevents ordering more than necessary or not enough.

Because an expensive venue doesn’t mean success

As event planners, it’s so important to ask why? when making decisions. Is the goal of your event to make money or be perceived as glamorous? Some venues will have high-end production designs but do not offer food or drinks at the venue.

Others may not have extravagant designs but may work well with your budget and set a more laid-back tone. Ultimately, you want the event space to fit your audience and vibe. With that in mind, let’s explore ten reasons why location hire is essential for event planning!


It’s the adage that says that with an excellent reputation comes word-of-mouth advertising. Location hire can bring you such a sterling reputation through its commitment to customer service. This list highlights some of how hiring a location for your event can be critical to its success.