lose fat through dorra slimming services

How Much Does It Cost To Lose Fat Through Dorra Slimming Services?

There are many good Dorra Slimming companies in Singapore with different charges and different packages. There are some expensive ones, but most importantly they have given me good results. So this article will only include the price of Dorra Slimming services from affordable to high-end.

Price range: $33 – $58 per session

This is by far one of the cheapest places I have found in Singapore, which has worked well for me. They tend to be slightly less crowded. However, please note that although they provide excellent service and treatment once again, it’s not very comfortable because of their small space. But you can’t beat the price, so if you are looking for something very affordable, this is the place to go.

Price range: $128 – $158 per month (bulk discount available)

This company offers one-on-one training with a personal trainer, and they provide diet plans too. They work out in HDB void decks on weekday evenings and weekends at Kovan Sports Centre, near MRT station. The trainers are very enthusiastic and motivating.

I have been going there for about two months already, and I am happy that I chose them as my slimming company! Most importantly, they have been able to help me reduce my weight from 66 kg to 63.5 kg! My waistline has also gone down by 3cm! It may not seem much, but I am glad to see a difference in both measurements and the mirror.

Ladies might want to know that there are all girls fitness training classes too which you can join. Most importantly, the trainer is very encouraging and will work with you on your personal weight loss goals – whatever that is for you.

Price range: $1,800 – $4,200 for 12 weeks; or pay monthly at double the rate.

The most expensive place I have ever tried in Singapore is by Celebrity Fitness. The trainers are severe, and they are super fit themselves! They go through the basic test of your physical health with you before starting any workout regime too. Most importantly, they prepare personalized diet plans for you too.

They have an excellent deal where you pay $18 per class every week if you sign up for 12 weeks. That makes it about $1,800 in total to get the slimming treatment from them. But please note that there are many types of packages, so be sure you read carefully before deciding which one is for you! Or you can choose to pay monthly at double the rate.

In my opinion, they are very professional and serious because I have been going there for more than three months. I haven’t lost much weight at all (although this might not be their fault as I pretty much manage to eat everything and anything). However, I got fitter and toned instead; perhaps it was what they wanted me to achieve all along?

The trainers are very professional and friendly. I can say that they care about their customers! So if you want to spend the bucks, try them out because it might be worth what you pay for; but prepare to be challenged.

If you’re looking to try a new weight loss solution, be sure that it’s backed by science and not just anecdotal evidence. We hope these insights about the price of Dorra Slimming services in Singapore have been helpful!

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