maintenance management with cmms

Maintenance Management With CMMS: How Does It Work?

Maintenance management with CMMS is becoming more and more essential. In an extremely demanding and competitive market scenario, the culture of unplanned corrective maintenance is no longer appropriate.

Companies must adopt a posture of efficient production, with high quality and low cost. For decades, while companies treated the maintenance department as a source of expenses, the department was only called upon in emergencies.

After suffering high losses derived from the deterioration of their assets and the constant dissatisfaction of their clients, due, among other factors, to delays in deliveries and a drop in product quality, the entrepreneurs were forced to invest in maintenance engineering.

What is a CMMS?

The acronym CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System, which means Computerized Maintenance Management Software. It is software that centralizes the entire database for the maintenance of a company. Through this system, it is possible to organize all the company’s data and continue issuing reliable reports. It is very practical and efficient because it optimizes the processes carried out across several spreadsheets into a single system.

All processes that are recorded on spreadsheets can be stored in the software and maintenance reports are fast and accurate. In times when agility is profitable for organizations, assertively having data in a single report generates benefits for companies that want to always be competitive in the market. And key instructions for manufacturer. Equipment manuals such as the Atlas Copco Cobra PROi, can help organizations centralize all maintenance instructions in one place.

Benefits of implementing a CMMS

Maintenance management is a factor that directly affects the success of all processes within a company. After all, no one wants to be caught off guard by problems that could have been avoided with good management. With so many assets that companies have, how can you keep everything organized, all data at hand, and easy to find? This is one of the points where CMMS software can help you manage your company. See below some of the other benefits that a CMMS can bring to your business:

Greater productivity: with all the data in one place, you save time, since it is not necessary to search for information in several spreadsheets and folders when you have everything in one place. This leaves more time to produce more. With the information that is always accurate, it is possible to quickly generate the necessary work orders without major difficulties.

Accuracy in decision making: with all the information stored, there is greater reliability in decision making, since there are correct indicators and an assertive vision of the real situation of the company.

Cost Control: Having all the data in one place also makes it easier to understand why equipment is malfunctioning. It is possible to analyze the maintenance history and thus plan more assertively. We can say that emergency purchases are avoided since it is possible to know more precisely when to make the changes. It generates more reliability and better control of all expenses.

Longer asset life: keeping maintenance up-to-date reduces damage to equipment since shutdowns are carried out at the right time. Waiting for the equipment to stop performing maintenance can compromise its useful life.

Accurate analysis of Performance Indicators: KPIs (key performance indicators) are important metrics that are crucial to the success of a business. One of the best ways to control them is through CMMS software. Indicators can be analyzed quickly and decision-making is more accurate.

New times have led to increased employee training and the adoption of techniques such as preventive and predictive, often combined with programs such as total productive maintenance, while maintenance focuses on reliability. The unscheduled shutdown of a machine has become unacceptable within modern maintenance concepts. This need requires a more intellectual and less manual profile of those involved. Hence, probably, the inevitable trend toward computerization of processes.

In addition to providing a natural streamlining of routines for both operators and maintenance managers, probably by automating schedules and facilitating access to data in general, because, a CMMS plays a very important role in modern management, which is to collaborate with greater predictability of activities, in addition, which contributes greatly to issues such as the rational management of supplies.

Given its indispensability in the strategic management of maintenance, consequently, the companies that develop CMMS software specialized in maintenance management – have grown in great number in the last decade.

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