How To Make Your Backyard Sizzle This Summer

Don’t let the good weather creep up on you. Perfect your outdoor space now, and you will reap the rewards when summer arrives.

It’s a common mistake to let your garden languish over the winter, only for everyone to pour outside at the first sign of sunshine and be greeted with less than inspirational views. To avoid falling into this trap, start planning now and get all the hard graft done, prepare to lay some turf, ready for relaxing and socializing in the summer months.

Social Seating

If you want to make your yard feel like an extension of your home, the most important thing to factor in is your seating area.

Consider if it’s just you who will be sitting out there or if you will be sharing your garden with friends and family. Is it an area for enjoying drinks and nibbles, or do you intend to enjoy meals in the open too?

Get a clear picture of what you want from your seating, and deciding what type to go for will be so much easier.

Outdoor furniture ranges from the traditional to the contemporary, a simple garden bench to a corner sofa and dining table, so you are bound to find something to match your needs and style.

Kitchen Garden

Get your grill on for a spot of alfresco cooking with the increasingly popular addition to the garden – an outdoor kitchen.

Allowing you to cook delicious meals while still being outdoors with family or invited guests, offers a welcome change to being shut up in the kitchen while everyone else relaxes in the great outdoors.

Whether you go for a simple wood fired pizza oven or want to go the whole hog with a complete kitchen, including outdoor cabinets and stoves, there are options to suit all spaces and culinary ability.

Plant a Tree

If your garden is in full sun, while that is great for the flowers, it can sometimes make the space a no-go zone during the hottest parts of the day.

While there are loads of different options for creating shade in your yard, nothing beats the natural beauty and dappled shade of a tree. It’s also a great environmentally friendly option too.

There’s a tree for every garden, big or small, so get some advice on which one will work best for you.

Open Fire

There aren’t many things quite as relaxing as watching the orange and yellow flames dancing against an evening backdrop, and safely installing a fire in your backyard has never been so easy.

Choose from a range of fire pits, fire bowls, and chimineas in a variety of styles and add a cozy feel after the sun goes down.

Water Feature

Fire has been covered, so, for balance, why not consider a water feature? Another relaxing addition to the garden, the sound of running water has long been associated with destressing and calming the mind.

Again, take a look at all the outdoor water feature ideas to see what will suit you best. You can opt for anything from a contemporary water blade creating a striking sheer wall of water to a cascading fountain adding a touch of 19thcentury elegance to your space.

So whatever upgrades you are considering for your backyard, get those projects started now, so that come the summer, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your outdoor space.