Making Studying Easier: How To Have Fun At College

In most teen movies, college is all about parties, hanging out with friends, and establishing relationships. But when you become a student, college seems to be all about quite different things – lectures, homework, exams. After a while, you may find yourself buried under a heap of textbooks, desperately wondering about where all that fun actually is.

If this is how you feel – or if this is something you don’t want to experience – you should make plans for fun activities that will help you enjoy college life. You know, the fun doesn’t happen by itself – it’s something we’re responsible for creating! If you don’t know how to do it, we’re ready to help.

Read this article to find out how you can have fun at college while still remaining a good student.

Forget About Cramming

Did you know cramming went out of fashion? It’s proven to be a highly ineffective learning method and educators around the world don’t recommend using it. So, you really don’t need to waste your time staring into a textbook or a laptop for hours trying to memorize every line.

Instead, use modern learning methods like:

  • flashcards;
  • mind maps;
  • holistic learning;
  • spaced practice;
  • retrieval practice, etc.

Surely, you’ll first need to learn about the methods themselves, but at least it’s far more interesting than cramming. And it will change the way you do your homework forever!

Get Help When Needed

Even with modern learning methods, studying can be overwhelming. Sometimes, there’s so much homework that it’s impossible to deal with it all and have free time left for yourself. In such cases, just get some help.

For example, a decent essay service can save you a lot of time and energy by helping you handle writing assignments. Academic papers are no fun to write, especially when there are too many of them, and you don’t have enough time. If you feel overwhelmed, it’s better to delegate than to burn out. You can also check for more information.

Join Clubs

If you’re a freshman and don’t know how to mingle, the best way is to join a club. There usually are a lot of them in colleges, so you just need to choose whatever you like. You can do sports or discuss politics, perform in a student theater or sing. Whatever you do, do it with passion – and you’ll find yourself having more fun than ever. 

However, don’t get downhearted if you don’t fit in a certain club. Some activities require a little more aptitude than others, and if you don’t yet know what you’re good at, just keep searching! Try another club, and you’ll surely find something to your taste.

Take Classes You Truly Enjoy

The same goes for classes. Don’t make your life at college a nightmare just because you chose a wrong major or took the classes you didn’t like. College is an investment, that’s true – but if you only get there with your expected salary in mind, it can be a huge waste of resources.

Still, there’s no escaping certain classes – and certain assignments. Take essays – there’s no getting away from them, wherever you study. 

Make Good Friends

Friends made at college often become friends for life. Besides, there’s little fun if you’re always alone! So, don’t hesitate to make new acquaintances and hang out in companies – your future best friend may be there somewhere!

If you’re too shy to come up to your fellow students, try to at least look friendly so that they could come up to you first. Otherwise, no one will ever even get the chance to discover your rich inner world, and you may remain a loner.

Don’t Miss All the Parties

One of the best ways to find friends is to go to parties. Yeah, we know – parties are scarce during the pandemic. But it won’t last forever! Besides, it’s still possible to throw small parties outdoors, and they’re still fun, even if you have to maintain social distance.

However, don’t force yourself to socialize if you don’t feel like it. Sometimes, a cozy evening in your room with just a TV show and pizza can be more welcome, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Have a Life Outside of College

It is probably wrong if you don’t have a life outside of your campus. Most people need to change their surroundings every once in a while or they get bored. A weekend with your family or an overnight trip to a national park is always a good idea! Don’t keep yourself locked in your room just because you think you don’t have enough time.

Enjoy Nature

Talking about the trip to the park – it’s very important to keep in touch with nature. Being in contact with it and enjoying the great outdoors relieves stress and helps you recharge your batteries, not to mention the positive effect of fresh air.

It means you should go to the nearest park as often as you can – alone or with company, just to reconnect with nature and take care of your nerves. It’s not exactly fun, but it’s certainly refreshing.

Wrapping Up

College years can be stressful and hard if you don’t know how to handle the challenges of student life. But when you figure it out, life in college becomes much easier, and you can get more fun during these years than ever before (or after, indeed). So, don’t hesitate to use our tips on how to have fun at college – and see your student life improved tenfold!