How To Manage An Aggressive Driver After A Car Accident

In many situations, drivers involved in accidents are non-confrontational and simply want to make sure the at-fault party covers their accident-related costs. However, not all drivers can keep their cool. If you’ve been involved in a car accident and encountered an aggressive driver, regardless of who’s at fault, it might be in your best interest to take some of the following actions.

Don’t Confront Them

Even before you contact authorities and an injury law firm for advice, keep yourself as safe as possible by avoiding engaging in an argument or confrontation with the other driver. If they appear aggressive or even intoxicated, this can be even more important.

Instead, focus your attention on yourself, your injuries, and other people affected in the accident. You can then call the police and ambulance to file a police report and receive medical attention at the scene.

Tell the Driver You’re Calling the Police

Calling the police can be a standard action to take when you’ve been involved in a car accident, but it can be even more important when the other driver acts aggressively or dangerously. Remain calm, keep your distance, and inform them that you’ll be calling the police.

Keep calm when the police arrive, as your behavior might be noted in the police report, which you may require if you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Stay Somewhere Safe

Getting to a place of safety after a car accident can be crucial, especially if your accident has occurred in a public area with fast-moving traffic, putting you at risk of further injury. However, it becomes even more critical if you have encountered an aggressive driver at the scene.

After a minor collision, you might be able to keep yourself secure in your vehicle with the doors locked. Alternatively, seek refuge with helpful bystanders or a local business until the authorities arrive to take control of the situation.

Gather As Much Evidence As Possible

If another driver responds aggressively immediately after a highly stressful and traumatic collision, there’s no telling what they can be capable of. Use your time at the scene to gather as much evidence as possible, which may be helpful in a personal injury claim to prove your version of events.

Note down witness information, take photos of the scene, and see if neighboring businesses and individuals have video footage they would share with you. Every bit of evidence can be important for strengthening your case.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

A highly aggressive driver is not always someone you’ll want to enter into negotiations with on your own. You might even struggle to get something as simple as contact information from them. After speaking with authorities, contact a personal injury lawyer who can manage all parts of your case for you.

They can negotiate with the driver or their lawyer and insurance company on your behalf and fight for your right to adequate compensation for your injuries, vehicle damage, pain and suffering, and more.

Managing highly aggressive drivers after a car accident can require a great deal of care. Consider using some of these practical tips to keep yourself safe at the scene of an accident.