match blinds with sheer curtains

How to Match Blinds With Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are a wonderful way to add elegance and drama to your windows. You can hang them in front of traditional window treatments, such as blinds, shades, or draperies to add a romantic touch. However, because sheers aren’t meant for blocking out light from the sun or providing privacy from passing neighbors, you need to know how to match blinds with sheers.

Therefore, in this article, we will give you some tips on how to do just that.

Consider Lengths

The first thing to consider is the length of both the blinds and the sheers. You want them to be approximately the same length so that they look proportional to each other. If the sheer curtains are shorter than the blinds, then they will look mismatched and unprofessional, however, if the blinds are shorter than the sheers, then they will look like they are just covering the window and not serving any real purpose.

The best way to match the blinds and sheers is to get your exact measurements before you go request a quiet from ABC Blinds Online so that you can be sure the two will be a perfect fit. Just be sure to take into account the width of the blinds when measuring, as well as the depth of the window frame.

Matching Colors

When you are choosing blinds to go with sheer curtains, it is important to consider the colors of both. You want the shades or blinds to complement the sheers, not clash with them. If you have a light-colored sheer curtain, then you will want to choose a light-colored shade or blind. The same goes for dark sheer curtains – choose a dark shade or blind to match.

Also,  be sure to consider the color of the wall behind the window. If you have a light-colored wall, then you will want to choose a dark shade or blind to contrast with it.

Matching Styles

Another thing to consider when choosing blinds is to go with sheer curtains in the style of both. Sheer curtains come in all sorts of styles – from swags and cascades to simple panels. Blinds also come in many different styles, such as roman shades, mini blinds, and wood blinds. You want to make sure that the style of your blinds matches the style of your sheers.

For example, if you have swag sheer curtains, then you will want to choose a roman shade or mini blind. On the other hand,  if you have a formal window treatment, such as a drapery rod and tie-backs, then you will want to choose blinds with a more formal style.

Consider the Functionality of Your Blinds

As mentioned before, generally, sheer curtains aren’t meant for blocking out light or providing privacy. On the contrary, they are usually chosen for their beauty and style. However, if you want privacy from passersby on the street, then you will need to choose window blinds that offer privacy features. For example, honeycomb shades offer privacy by keeping people on the outside from seeing into your home or office building while allowing light to come in.

Likewise, motorized shades can be operated at the touch of a button to shield yourself from prying eyes when needed. Therefore, when choosing blinds to go with sheer curtains, it is important to consider both the style and function of the blinds.

Matching blinds with sheers can be tricky, especially if you are not sure what you’re doing. However, by following these tips, you can choose the perfect blinds to go with your sheer curtains and create a beautiful and cohesive window treatment. That will transform your home interior and last for years to come.

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