maximise the power of freebies

Maximise the Power of Freebies Without Your Business Suffering

Especially in the current climate, customers are looking for ways to make the most of offers, voucher codes, bonuses, and free stuff in general. Businesses that offer such free perks willingly to any who visit their websites tend to be able to keep potential curious parties around for longer and secure purchases there and then. After all, people don’t want to miss out on a free offer.

However, most businesses shudder at the thought of giving stuff away for free for the inherent perceived risks of the value not being returned. Still, there are ways to ensure that you don’t lose out by way of a free product promotion, and methods of offering value to customers for free that earn similar benefits.

A chance at some bonuses and discounts

If there’s one thing that people look for, it’s discounts and bonuses. Some see the additional free item with purchases as a main selling point, while discount codes and money off are always welcomed.

However, if your business is more of an online service, bonus tickets or funds to use the service can work very well. This is how the online casino industry works, offering free spins and funds to play online. Some sites have added a bit of additional fun to the process, too, putting a bunch of offers and bonuses on a lucky wheel spin. Now, anyone can get one daily free spin on Paddy Power for the Wonder Wheel.

It features cash, free spins, game bonuses, free bets, and free scratchcards, all of which are awarded instantly once the wheel stops spinning. While these winnings, bar the cash, are essentially free cracks at the products on offer at the casino and sportsbook, money-off discounts can also be very appealing.

As a new customer, you can try the Bravose wheel to get up to 50 per cent off or free gear for boxing. It works similarly to the Wonder Wheel, but as a product-selling store, the segments give money-0ff purchases and offer free items.

Helpful and insightful posts

Beyond increasing the value of your domain and increasing your weight in search engines, having an active, insightful, and genuinely helpful blog or help section can offer a great amount of value to your customers. One of the types of posts Oozle Media recommends is research-based articles. You don’t always have to post about your specific products, but doing your own research into related topics offers helpful and entertaining reads.

You need to be careful to use legitimate and trusted sources to back up your posts, and be sure to offer insights as you go along, but a data-driven post can establish your site as a trusted source itself. For example, offering a rundown of the environmental impacts of each key ingredient used in a product, such as face cream, could not only promote your greener products, but also offer something for others to cite.

Embracing free shipping

While they weren’t the originators of the offer, Amazon’s goliath status has made free shipping all but a necessity for online businesses. It’s another cost to factor in, and one that many small businesses simply don’t want to, but those who do manage to quickly earn the nod from potential customers. As it turns out, free shipping influences 75 per cent of global shoppers, per Shopify.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be all-encompassing free shipping. One of the better ways to go about offering free shipping, depending on your product price points, is to offer free shipping over a set basket value.

Having a banner that says ‘free shipping on orders over £40’ will convince many shoppers to add that one extra item to the basket to trigger the free delivery. Some even go for free fast delivery for larger orders.
Offering visitors something for free just for coming to your website is a sound way to convert them into paying customers. You just need to find the right angle to do so.

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