mba courses in singapore

MBA Courses in Singapore

In most companies, professional degrees are sufficient for getting an entry level job. However, for senior positions and management roles, larger companies prefer employees who have a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) diploma or degree. Employees who do not have an MBA often find that they are sidelined for promotions or senior positions, and get a lower salary compared to their peers.

Hence many professionals are interested in getting an MBA in Singapore to improve their career prospects and get a better salary. Since many colleges are offering MBA courses, some of the considerations while choosing an MBA course are discussed below.

Course content

The MBA course should improve the management knowledge of the student and educate him on the best management practices used worldwide. Ideally, he will learn to improve the business culture of the organization in which he is working to improve the performance of the employees, making them more productive.

The course will cover financial management to increase profits and strategic management to collaborate for growth. The student will also learn professional management and leadership development. He will learn to use marketing for increasing sales and revenues. Additionally, he will learn about innovation, technology transfer and entrepreneurship for business growth.


While choosing the MBA course the student often has to choose between a part time or full time course. Many of the students interested in doing the MBA course already have a full time job and if they leave the job to do the course they will lose the salary which they get.

Hence many of the students are usually doing a part time MBA where they can study in their free time, while continuing with their job. However, the duration of the part-time MBA is also longer. Typically if a full-time MBA can be completed in one year, the part-time MBA will take eighteen months.


For most MBA courses, students who have some work experience are preferred. Typically the student should at least have a graduate degree from a recognized university or college in Singapore.

The student should also be fluent in English Students will be asked to provide proof of educational qualification, work experience and English proficiency along with identity proof and photographs. The student has to apply for admission to the course by filling the application form.

After the student completes the coursework, submitting the assignments he will be awarded an MBA degree, which he can use in his resume.

It is advisable to apply here for an MBA degree from a reputed university, which is recognized by companies in Singapore and in other countries like UK, USA. This will greatly improve the job opportunities available to MBA student.


One of the considerations while choosing an MBA course are the tuition fees. The fees are usually clearly specified and can be paid in installments for most colleges. Students who do their MBA from recognized colleges usually can get a student loan since their salary will greatly increase after they complete the MBA. They can also pay the MBA fee using their credit card, in installments over six or twelve months.

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