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Medical Travel: A Perfect Combination

A new type of travel has been making quite a buzz around the world known as “Medical Travel” where people travel to another country for medical purposes and get the leisure of travel alongside.

The trend is more popular in Europe and the US while the most popular destination for medical tourism is Turkey right at the junction of Asia and Europe. Turkey has exceptional medical facilities and hence caters to all kinds of beauty treatments as well as complex surgeries. Composite teeth bonding is one of the most sought-after medical treatments attracting patients from all around the world.

Why is medical travel a perfect combination?

The same treatment that can cost you an arm and leg in your home country can be done at half of the cost in countries like Turkey. At the same cost, you can not only get the treatment in Turkey but also stay in the 5* accommodation along with sightseeing. A win-win situation for the travel enthusiasts where they not only get to explore a new country but also get quality medical treatment as well.

How can you plan your medical travel?

In order to enjoy your stay in Turkey, you must plan your medical travel in advance. You must take help from an expert beforehand and plan a wise trip as per your treatment. For example; if you are going to have plastic surgery, you must arrive at your destination at least a week before so you can roam around and enjoy your holiday prior to the surgery.

However, if you are going to have dental treatment, you can do sightseeing both before and after your treatment.

Here is a planning checklist for your medical travel:

  1. Schedule a pre-consultation with your medical team before arriving in the country. This can be done via a local associate or over Skype.
  2. Settle the fee and all expenses of the treatment before traveling.
  3. Determine all the payment methods and procedures beforehand. Ask your representative especially about the mode of payment he accepts.
  4. Prepare all required medical records and documents to take with you.
  5. If you are traveling alone, make all the arrangements for traveling to and from your hospital beforehand.
  6. While packing for the trip, ask your representative if you need any special precaution gear.
  7. You can also inquire about discounts and freebies that you can avail of when you arrive.

Key takeaway

Medical travel is a perfect combination of leisure and healthcare. You not only get to see a country of your choice but also get the desired treatment all at a cost that is less than the treatment cost in countries like the US and UK.

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