Merge Videos Online Into One Clip: Step-By-Step Guide

Videos are becoming more prevalent these days, as users use them to record their lives and keep good memories. They often want to make an extended video clip or combine multiple clips together to create a funny one.

Generally, There is various kind of software is which a free video merger that can help you merge multiple videos. However, there are some steps that you need to follow in order to create a single video.

Moreover, you can also use an online video merger, which is a video editing tool you can use to split and merge files. The tricky part is how to merge videos online into one clip.

How To Merge Videos Online

A video merger online is commonly used to create videos. YouTube users might have also come across the youtube video merger, a free online tool with various editing tools. Unfortunately, this tool is no more available.

Fortunately, you need to use YouTube Video Editor’s alternative to combine multiple videos online. For instance, you can merge video files online by following the steps below to combine multiple videos online.

Step 1: Find the merge video online and click the word “choose files”.

Step 2: After selecting the video files that you want to combine, click the “Open” button.

Step 3: You can then select the video format that you want and click merge.

Windows video merger is very easy to combine multiple videos together, and you can also do it on a Mac, a mobile device, or even online. Now, it is up to you to merge them all.

Furthermore, there are other suggestions for a better way to merge videos, like using some famous software that is usually used to combine video and music.

How To Merge Videos Using A Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is an audio and video merger component of the Windows Essentials software suite that allows users to create and edit videos. They can then be published on various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Download the Video Maker and Install

Movie maker is a free program that can combine videos together. You can either install it as a full-fledged program or a custom-built video combiner. After you have chosen the install method, go to the “Next” icon and follow the instructions to proceed.

2. Upload your Video Files

Under the Home tab, go to the Add Videos and Photos button. You can then select the video clips that you want to add. You can also drag them from Windows Explorer to the Storyboard Pane of Windows Movie Maker.

3. Organize the Video Clips

In the Movie Maker timeline, you can see all the video files that have been imported. You can drag them into the correct placement.

4. Add Transition to Video

In Movie Maker, you can add transitions to your videos to make them look more impressive.

5. Save the Combined Video to a File

After you have combined a video, go to the Share section and click the button that says “Save movie.” You can then preview the finished product.

Other Video Merger Software

How To Merge Videos via VLC Media Player

Some users are asking if it is possible to merge videos in a single file using the popular media player known as VLC. We are sure it is possible.

Media player, known as VLC, is a free online video merger and open-source portable media player that can be used on various mobile platforms such as Android, Windows Phone, and iOS.

  • Download VLC, and to open multiple files in a directory, go to the Media menu and click on the Open Multiple Files button.
  • To merge multiple files, click the Add button in the File tab. You can also go to the Play button and choose the Convert option. Place the saved files in the location where you want them to be saved.

What To Consider When Merging Videos?

Even though you are used to video clips, it can be hard to merge them into one. Here are some of the obstacles that you might encounter.

Cutting and Trimming

When it comes to making transitions, some clips are just not perfect. With the help of cutting and trimming tools, you can easily clean them up and make them look perfect.

Correction of Color

Most of the time, video clips will not look the same. If you’re filming in different locations, your lighting might be different. To maintain a consistent look, adjust the temperature of your clips.

Quality of Video

When merging multiple videos, ensure the quality is good enough. If one of them has a lower resolution, you should change the settings in your project to make it match.


If you plan on creating instructional videos or training videos on YouTube, you may need to merge multiple clips. Doing so will allow you to create a cohesive and more effective video.