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The Best Mobile Games to Play in 2023

Video gaming is more popular now than at any other time in its long history. There are just so many releases available and many different ways in which to access our favourite titles.

In uncertain times, the industry has also increased its global revenue, and projections for future growth remain positive. As a new year begins, it’s a good time to look at the games expected to make an impression and drive that growth in 2023.

Call of Duty: Warzone

It’s rare for a grand and complex first person shooter game to transfer easily to mobile, but the Call of Duty series has regularly pulled this off. Its Warzone release is new for 2023 and it is set to continue the CoD hold on the market for this genre.

Al Mazrah, on the outskirts of the Republic of Adal is the location for Warzone and the graphics and sound combination continue to evoke a hostile and intense atmosphere. The game comes packed with new features such as additional maps, gulags and an update known as a 3rd person playlist. It’s a complicated game, yet it fits perfectly into mobile play and that’s a big plus for all players.

Those who want to get involved via mobile will find that Call of Duty: Warzone is free to download and play. Relevant links can be found on the official website for this series.

Live Casino

A broad spectrum of games falls under the live casino umbrella. Online operators have been providing roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat and other titles for many years via automated software.

In an effort to bring those games closer to the real thing, companies such as Virgin Games have listed a live casino online for that added touch of realism. The systems use human dealers and croupiers and the games are broadcast in real time.

Players can interact via a chat screen, but the dealer will be professional and look to keep those games moving. With high quality sound and graphics built in, the live casino experience is as close as possible to the tables of Vegas, Atlantic City and other world class gaming destinations.

Live casino games also transfer seamlessly to a mobile platform. The action slots perfectly into a small screen and players can still enjoy that true-to-life experience. With dedicated apps for some mobile live casinos, it’s an area that operators take seriously, and their players are embracing the concept.

It’s easy to get involved. Anyone who already has an account with the casino can simply use their regular logins. If not, the registration process is fast and secure, and the apps are free and quick to download.

FIFA 2023

Initially released in September 2022, the 30th edition of the most popular soccer game around promises to be the best yet. EA Sports continues to drive this title forward and there are a number of significant improvements for this year.

Updates aside, the FIFA series continues to dominate soccer games for some key reasons. There is a huge coverage of leagues and competitions around the world and the graphics are as lifelike as it’s possible to be.

There have been some minor technical changes to improve gameplay, but the biggest introductions relate to both the men’s and women’s World Cups. The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar sees eight new stadiums added to the game’s roster. The women will follow suit in 2023 and their tournament will receive similar coverage.

There are plenty of alternative sports games but FIFA is the first choice for soccer and it’s another game that transfers easily to mobile devices.


The ingenious PokemonGo series offers mobile play in every sense of the word. Firstly, it can be quickly downloaded to a mobile device and users can get playing in a matter of minutes.

There is also the outdoor element to this title. It’s literally played ‘on the go’ and has been praised for its encouragement of children to get outdoors and to be mobile. The basic concept of getting out and capturing monsters still remains, but there have been some significant updates since PokemonGo was first launched.

The developers also release a series of events for real enthusiasts to attend and 2023 promises to be the busiest year yet.

Flash Party

It’s early days, but it’s being reported that Flash Party is among the bestselling mobile games at the start of 2023. It’s very much a smash game which is fast and fun and there is a huge choice of characters for players to commence battle.

There is no great storyline behind Flash Party and for many, that’s its biggest selling point. It’s all about the fight and a quick result. That’s a good concept for all mobile games to follow. Players want instant entertainment and fast outcomes, and all of these titles follow that successful blueprint.

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