5 Modern Bathroom Additions Your Bathroom Must Have

Your bathroom should be more than just a place to shower; and it should give you a place to relax your day.

How about a shower after a long hard working Monday? I bet you imagine yourself in a hot-steaming bathtub taking a long bubble bath. But, what if you can renovate your bathroom and transform it into a master bathroom.

A bathroom renovation project can be exhausting but, if done right, your regular showers can be transformed into a spa-like experience. A bathroom makeover should be more than just throwing away old bathroom fittings and plugging in new ones. It is more about finding your design inspiration and working towards it to make your bathroom a one-of-a-kind relaxing place.

Here are 5 bathroom additions to give your bathroom a modern look.

1. High-end Tiles

A new bathroom must have exquisite high-quality tiles. This will not only increase the sophistication level of your bathroom but enhance its quality. This small addition will bring more elegance to your bathroom.

In the past, the only option for people looking to add luxury to their bathrooms was to use expensive materials such as marble or gold. However, this is no longer the case with the emergence of high-end tiles. They are affordable and can be used in a variety of designs and colors that match any style.

The most popular type is tile mosaics that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can transform any space into a designer oasis that has a luxurious feel about it.

2. Entertainment Products

The kind of busy lifestyle we have is what makes this addition necessary. We like to be entertained every time, and this is the prime reason for choosing some entertainment products. Install overhead speakers to vibe along with your favourite songs. If you’re a mother with small kids, you can just put on some cartoons, and your work of bathing your kids will be done in no time.

Besides, imagine yourself lying in a hot bathtub with soothing songs; nothing can be better than that, right? You can also add television to enjoy your favourite sitcoms during the bath. It’s your bathroom, and you should enjoy that in every possible way, even if it means incorporating some technology into it.

3. Innovative Storages

Gone are the times with those bulky cabinets and large cupboards to store your bathing supplies. Now’s the time to utilize the small space effectively & enjoy. Less storage capacity as well as excess storage spaces both reduce the soothing bath experience.

Traditional bulky cabinets used lots of space and wasted too much valuable space. Bathroom renovations with Reece Plumbing give you the perfect opportunity to use every inch of your space and have a lavish experience.

4. Perfect Lighting

Don’t even think of compromising over lighting. This is such a sensitive issue but often overlooked. Often people use an extra budget over bathroom accessories, but only some think about renovating the lighting portion as well. Proper lighting will automatically enhance your experience when you are able to look at yourself clearly before heading towards your work.

Beware of the marketers who tend to sell poor lighting and rob you. Go for LED lighting. This will not only result in 75% energy savings but better visibility too! Research the web and talk to lighting experts to ensure the perfect lighting for your ambient place.

5. Luxury Shower

Haven’t you stopped scrolling your insta feed when you come across the luxurious showers and bathtubs? Now is the time to turn those dreams into reality. You can go for a dual walk-in shower with multiple showerheads. This will end up giving you and your partner a cosy bath experience. Bathroom renovations don’t happen annually, so make sure to get exactly what you want!

6. Practical Bidets

Bidets make your bathroom a little more luxurious. Private time in the toilet is a pleasant respite from the pressures of daily life for the majority. Bidets of samodrahome.com whose all versions come with conventional water connection hoses and adapters make installing on an old toilet simple. There are different types of bidets to accommodate elongated or round-shaped toilets, so there’s something for everyone.

Parting Thoughts

A renovated bathroom not only gives you luxurious baths but adds value to your house. This is the opportunity to modernize it according to the needs of you & your family as it will serve them for years to come. If you’re spending money on renovations, make it a point to get the worth of every penny & have an unforgettable experience every time you bathe.