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Seven Money Savings Tips Shopping at Mall

Are you always worried about spending too much at the mall? Does your monthly budget die slowly once you visit a mall?

Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore! A visit to the mall should be all about fun and not stress. Follow these tips to avoid burning a hole in your pocket!

1. Keep an eye out for deals

It is high time you start valuing discounts and sales season! Most stores often overprice their products and sale-seasons can offer you a good deal on them. In fact, many outlets launch midnight sales and cut down prices on high-end products every night.

You definitely have to put in the effort of finding out when the sale season arrives but it is worth it. Also, try to go with a group of people, it will help you survive the crowd better and save you time too!

2. Do you research

Take some time out before planning your shopping weekend. Use this time to discover coupon deals and any card offers that you can capitalize on.

Many brands have coupons coming out in newspapers or grocery stores. In fact, you should align your bank card choices and payment apps with their offers. With the increasing shift to online payments, brands are greatly using these offers to increase customers and will keep doing it at least for the coming few years.

Some brands also provide customers the privilege to buy now and pay later. But you need to do some research about how buy now pay later apps work, in case you get into trouble.

3. Bring on your choices

The main trick to making the right purchase is to explore everything. Don’t always stick to a go-to store or brand for an item. Go to different outlets, check the main departmental store and look for any possible substitutes.

Sometimes, a rare brand might offer you a better product at a better price! Make a plan to visit your favorite store at the last, with the hope of you finding better deals before.

4. Make a list

You probably know this already but as a reminder, stick to your list. Always make a prior list for your shopping trip and do not waver from it.

Impromptu shopping always means higher expenses. Money-saving can only work when you stick to your plan. A wish list which you probably work on for a month can be very exhaustive.

This way, there are further low chances of you pursuing a new random purchase. We know it is very difficult to stick to your list when you visit stores like Melbourne Central Shopping Centre but you still have to try!

5. Buy in bulk

Whenever possible, try to make bulk buys and save yourself a lot of money! Buying in bulk usually opens the way for more discounts. In fact, many brands have packaged bulk products at lower prices as an incentive for buyers.

Mostly, on necessity items like shampoos, toothpastes, etc. that you use daily, making a bulk purchase helps you tons! You can buy 6-month worth of groceries in one go, saving yourself approximately 5% on a 10% larger package.

6. Jump in on mailing lists

This probably seems like a long shot but it isn’t! On your next visit to the shopping mall, subscribe to the mailing lists of your regular brands. Most store newsletters send in coupons or customer loyalty offers by mail.

These offers are often exclusive only to subscribers also. Why take the risk of missing out? However, this trick only works for brands you shop from regularly, to ensure you don’t waste deals due to expiry.

7. Start shopping early

If you always keep waiting till the last moment, chances are you will spend more. Start looking early for what you want, giving yourself ample time to research and negotiate. Make multiple visits to different sale sections and use the time advantage for trials.

Hopefully, this way you will not splurge on hurried buys. Also, when you shop early, you can avoid hustling around with a shopping bag. It is said that carrying around a shopping basket can make you buy more.

Over to you…

Use our tips and don’t sweat it every time you visit the mall. In fact, these tips will definitely help you spend your money more effectively. Also, it is the minimal amount of effort you need to put in to not burn a hole in your pocket.

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