What Are Moodle And The Benefits Of An Open-Source LMS?

Are you thinking about taking a course online? The chances are high that you will most likely use an open-source LMS if you are. LMS systems are increasingly becoming more popular day after day, such that it contributes a major quota to the $43 billion online education system worth.

With the vast nature of online learning, universities on online courses are made possible thanks to the open-source learning management system. An open-source LMS popularly used today is Moodle. This article explores in detail what Moodle is all about, as well as the benefits of an open-source LMS system.

What is Moodle?

A Moodle is an acronym meaning Modular Object-Oriented Dynamics Learning Environment, and its use is to provide a central space on the internet for students to have access to courses, resources, and tools anywhere and anytime.

Statistics show that over 14 million people are currently using Moodle, with over 1.4 million courses distributed on the network. This statistics is due to the ease of integrating or using Moodle. So, provided the OS you are using supports PHP, it will be compatible with Moodle. Examples of OS that support Moodle include Unix, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, NetWare, etc.

As an open-source platform, anyone can create and upload their content to the network, giving them full proprietary rights over the terms. Moodle is fully customizable with thousands of extensible plugins to help students, teachers, and administrators. With Moodle, students can monitor their learning progress by personalized learning plans and completion tracking.

Benefits of an open-source LMS system like Moodle?

Using an open-source LMS system like Moodle comes with a plethora of benefits. In this section, we will be discussing the vital benefits an open-source LMS like Moodle offers.


Moodle is a highly customizable LMS system which means with it, you have the flexibility to create content as you see fit for your needs. With Moodle, the harsh reality of spending hours creating and delivering content is overcome as it takes only a few minutes, and you can even decide to throw in your own company’s logo.

After all, customization generally piques a target audience, which shows how seriously you take their development. Through Moodle’s customizable options, you can use it to design what you know your user’s needs. And by doing this, you are indirectly improving your sales strategy, which helps increase how much revenue you generate at the end of the day.

Scalable and unanchored

Apart from the flexibility Moodle gives to customize your content how you like, with Moodle, you can upload your content on the market of your choice. This particular feature of Moodle stands out because every content creator always has that moment when they want to expand to new market grounds.

If the LMS system on which they have their content published does not give them the flexibility to sell where they want, it indirectly limits how much content you can sell and will affect revenue.


Another reason Moodle is such an excellent LMS system is that it gives you the freedom to upgrade features. Many people often neglect when choosing an LMS system because LMS is constantly undergoing development.

In other words, features that are available today were probably not available last year. So to get the best from an LMS system, you must upgrade it seamlessly. Moodle gives its users this convenience, as upgrades to the newest versions are automatic and easy without needing an IT staff.


As technology advances, it will need an update when it comes to anything software. The update needs to supply it with the necessary patches to support new functionality and features. But unlike other open LMS systems, you will get more updates on Moodle.

You have to do the update manually on other open-source LMS systems, but if you have the right development team by your side, you can worry less about things like this. With Moodle, all updates are handled automatically, which is time saving, convenient, and gives you peace of mind


You can enjoy this convenience on Moodle because of its massive community. Moodle has one of the largest communities of online developers, so you can always be sure to learn something new or intriguing every time you visit the community page.

So whatever question you have about Moodle and would like to get an answer from your fellow Moodle user, you can trust the community always to deliver. You are less likely to run into any difficulty that you wouldn’t get an easy solution for with Moodle.