6 Ways You Can Be More Confident On A Date

Ladies and gentlemen, are your dating lives arousing you with all kinds of dating possibilities, questions and hopefully, solutions? Do you ponder where to begin a rewarding dating journey without a lot of experience to back you up? If so, it’s safe to relax because you’re not alone.

The good news is dating isn’t a mystery and it has been around for eons. Years of taking a chance with a potentially significant other has resulted in thousands of positive outcomes for unsuspecting couples that didn’t have all the answers to every question.

That said, it’s a wise and prudent gesture for those who wish to espouse extra effort toward the endeavor of love and companionship. By honing in on a few helpful hints toward dating in the right light, powerful personal impacts and more successful dating experiences await. In simpler, non-mystifying words, better dating experiences and personal confidence levels go hand-in-hand, just like a happy couple!

1. Ask Yourself What Confidence Means to You

What is confidence? Confidence is not a misnomer for arrogance. Confidence is not a feeling of being “better than” someone else. Confidence is established by relying upon self-respect, respect toward others and trust.

While we all have similar likenesses, we also have differences that affect our confidence levels. But have you consciously thought about what actual confidence issues you experience or how confidence (or the lack of it) looks in others you know?

Let’s say you assume you are smarter or better looking than the next person. These are basic beliefs or examples humans focus on to assume a stronger stance in competitive positions. While a competitive edge seems helpful, it isn’t always a fool-proof affirmation of owning honest confidence from within.

2. Ask Yourself Deeper Questions About Confidence

For some, asking deeper questions about confidence adheres to the psyche like an accidental nightmare. On the contrary, being honest with yourself is the best way to gain confidence. Embracing deeper questions that nag at you the most is a great way to challenge how you really see yourself on a deeper level.

For example, would you question yourself about making a good impression before, during or after a date? Did that date conjure up questions of self-confidence from the get go or were doubts of confidence sadly exposed from a date gone wrong? The fact that you are asking yourself questions like this is a healthy step toward discovering resolutions surrounding levels of self-regard and what work needs to be done.

3. What Are Ways to Increase Confidence?

It’s always a good idea to find ways that increase self-assuredness throughout life and before entering the dating scene. Some helpful confidence-boosting thoughts go something like this:

a. Knowledge is power. Observe knowledge, apply knowledge and share knowledge.

b. Try new things. It’s not about passing or failing.

c. Complete every job well. Procrastination only gives reason for negative self-talk.

d. Follow through with commitments made to yourself and others.

e. Exercise according to your limits, not someone else’s.

f. Take appropriate stands of calm support when needed.

g. Be truthful. Lies destroy confidence levels expeditiously.

4. What Are Ways to Increase Confidence on Dates?

Getting a head start on increasing confidence by applying suggestions like the ones above is icing on the cake because they are also excellent examples to refer to on dates. Pick one or several and put into daily practice. When these healthy habits are formed the brain’s neural pathways are changed and acknowledged as new developments that are responsible for boosting self-esteem.

Do you remember that knowledge is power? That little tidbit about forming habits is a great conversation piece even on dates! After all, sometimes the person you are on a date with is a little worried about confidence, too. Observing, applying and practicing interesting things with the one you date is a great way to feel even more connected and confident together.

5. Additional Confidence Boosting Recommendations on Dates

a. Being yourself, being genuine helps keep the true you on track while keeping honesty in the forefront.

b. Practice ahead of time how you will introduce yourself in a calm and thoughtful way.

c. Prepare for conversations ahead of time. If you know anything about your date’s lifestyle, favorite topics or hobbies, politely share your interest in these things.

d. Dressing comfortably and appropriately for the occasion decreases angst and increases a sense of self-assurance.

e. Being open-minded means exhibiting flexibility. There are often circumstances that appreciate a gentler approach or reaction. Trying something new can also be applied here.

f. Putting the other person first illustrates respect and is rewarded with confidence-enhancing respect.

g. Courteous behavior helps you take charge of nerves and feel more in control.

h. This one might be a bit controversial or taboo, but no one can deny this point – you will have to go on a lot of dates to get really confident on them. Practice makes perfect and that applies with dating as well. And this really is the best time to get as many dates as you can because there’s literally a boatload of the best hookup sites available at your fingertips. Choose 3-4 of them, optimize your profile and start lining up dates.

6. Keep Common Sense in the Forefront

There isn’t any need to feel overwhelmed at the dos and don’ts of feeling confident on a date because the most important dos and don’ts are those that good common sense can take care of naturally.

The Golden Rule comes to mind. Treat others as you would want to be treated. It isn’t old-fashioned to be thoughtful, appreciative and respectful. These traits are the backbone to a successful date and a successful life. Plus, these qualities are huge confidence builders no matter which side of the date you’re on. If anything, showing off, boasting and self-absorption are never good rules of thumb on any date.

Confidence can be gained by believing in yourself, flaws and all. Confidence means respecting and trusting what comes from within. Confidence tells you and those around you that you have a trustworthiness that defines safety, understanding and genuine intent.

You are a good person. No matter what confidence level you find yourself now, paying attention to and applying these confidence-building tips will help you not just feel, but be more confident on a date. Baby steps are totally acceptable, so never give up!