Most Beautiful Female Ukraine Athletes

Ukraine is the birthplace of many talented and beautiful female athletes who compete in various kinds of sports. Some of them are sports stars and are on the list of the most beautiful Olympic athletes in the world. Ukrainian female athletes work hard to get great results in sports and build successful careers.

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Top Slavic Female Athletes: Summer Sports

The Ukrainian most beautiful athletes compete in various disciplines in summer sports. They have been noticed in the previous summer Olympic session in Tokyo. Keep reading to meet the most well-known ladies among Ukrainian athletes.

Daria Bilodid – Judo

Daria is the youngest world champion in judo in the under 48 kg. She has won the World Championship being only 17 years old. This beautiful Ukrainian judoka was born in 2000, and this Ukrainian beauty was the most beautiful girl at the Tokyo Olympic Games where she took the bronze medal.

Now, this blonde lady with blue eyes has won the World Championship two times, and the European Championship as well. Daria has many plans for the future and plans to devote her life to coaching later.

Elina Svitolina – Tennis

Elina is one of the most famous and beautiful Ukrainian female tennis players. She is a girl with fair hair and charming blue eyes. Her parents wanted to make her older brother a professional tennis player, but their daughter turned out to be more talented.

She has taken the third rating position two times and won the bronze Olympic medal in Tokyo Games. Now she is married to a French tennis player and lives in France.

Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk – Athletics

Maryna is a Ukrainian female athlete with light brown hair and hazel eyes that specializes in the long jump. She has taken fifth place in Tokyo Olympics. She has devoted her life to a sports career in athletics. Maryna is married to a Ukrainian swimming athlete.

Olena Kostevych – Shooting

Olena is a very talented and experienced Ukrainian female beauty with dark hair and blue eyes. She has won the World Championship in shooting two times and was a winner of the Olympic Games in 2004. In Tokyo Olympics, she took 4th place in a 10-meter air pistol. Olena is not a public person. Being very shy she concentrates on her family.

Winter Sports

Winter sports are for strong Ukrainian girls, by no means. Winter Ukrainian female athletes are strong and beautiful at the same time. Keep reading about the most famous Ukrainian athletes that were noticed in Olympics in previous years.

Lydia Gunko – Bobsleigh

Bobsleigh is not the most popular sport in Ukraine as there are not many possibilities to train athletes in the country. That is why Lydia Gunko is so special and beautiful at the same time. This Ukrainian beauty with light hair and hazel eyes has a strong character to fight with circumstances and present Ukraine in the sports arena.

Lydia has taken 20th place in Beijing Olympics in 2022. And it was a high position due to the conditions she has to train under. Lydia was very strict about her position towards Russian athletes at Beijing Olympic Games, and time has shown she was right.

Valentina Semerenko – Biathlon

Valentina is one of the most famous and experienced Ukrainian female athletes in winter sports. She works great in individual competitions and in the team relay with her female colleagues as well.

She has got the gold medal of the Sochi Olympic Games under her belt in 2014 exactly in the team relay. Valentina has won World Championship several times and has many medals in European competitions.

Yulia Dzhima – Biathlon

Yulia is also a representative of this winter sport for strong and courageous ladies. This beautiful Ukrainian blonde athlete with blue eyes is in the one team with Valentina Semerenko and girls often compete in the relay together.

The Olympic season in Sochi was one of the most successful for them, where Ukrainian girls have taken first place in the relay. Yulia has won many medals in European competitions and wants to continue her sports career as a coach later.

Final Thoughts

Ukrainian girls are strong, smart, and beautiful. That is why if you look for an online woman for dating among Ukrainian female athletes, you are on the right way. Ukrainian ladies can set up goals and fulfill them successfully.

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