Moving to Toronto

Moving to Toronto: Pros and Cons

Leaving for another location is always a challenging undertaking. The second most popular relocation destination after moving to NY is moving to Toronto. Let alone a move to such a large metropole as Toronto. The city has everything to become your sweet home. Yet, you should know both the strengths and weaknesses of living in this startling place.

Factors That Must Influence Your Choice

Like any large megapolis, Toronto unites a multicultural community with various lifestyles, languages, eating preferences, etc. The city belongs to the top-modern centers in the world. If you have never experienced living in such an area and wish to try, bear in mind these factors in the first place:

  • Multilingualism;
  • Numerous job possibilities;
  • High cost of living;
  • High levels of healthcare and education;
  • Multiple job possibilities;
  • An active life mode day and night.

Toronto is full of other peculiarities. Even its weather patterns may affect your life in the city.


Toronto is considered bilingual. Yet, a more diverse community in terms of nationalities dwells in the megapolis these days.

Pros ●     Mutual respect for people.

●     Better acceptance of cultural differences.

●     Expansion of cultural horizons.

●     Peaceful coexistence in neighborhoods.

Cons ●     Possible misunderstanding cases.

When moving to Toronto, be ready to live in a mixed society. Your neighbors might be of Chinese, Italian, Bengali, Korean, Irish, Indian, German, and other origins.


Nearly 6.8 million Torontonians live in around 140 neighborhoods today. These areas differ in language preferences, cultural blends, and housing options. Yet, the rent cost and lodging prices in Toronto remain higher than in the best part of other places in Canada.

Pros ●     A diverse accommodation market.
Cons ●     High housing and rent prices.

Finding an affordable apartment to live in Toronto may present a real challenge. The best variant is when you know where exactly you will live before starting your move to Toronto.


Toronto attracts businesses and investors. This fast-growing city offers multiple opportunities to its citizens in terms of work. The strongest industries include the financial sector, technologies, real estate, the media and entertainment industry, life sciences, and pharmacy.

Pros ●     A robust job market.

●     6.5% unemployment rate in 2023, which is considered “healthy.”


Toronto is an excellent choice if you plan to launch a startup, too. The research company Startup Genome has ranked Toronto as #17 in its list of the 30 best cities to succeed in starting a business in 2023. Toronto is one position higher than Paris.

Cost of Living

The appeal of Toronto for large enterprises and the rich provokes the constant increase in the cost of living in the city. It concerns not only accommodation costs but also prices for day-to-day goods, food, utilities, etc.

Cons ●     The cost of living in Toronto is higher than in other big cities in Canada.

Even conventional tips in Toronto cafes and restaurants may surprise you with their higher level than in other places. Be ready to tip 15%-20% of your total bill.


Within the Ontario Province, Toronto has a publicly funded health system based on the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. It covers all the medical expenses of the city residents.

Pros ●     Excellent free medical services.
Cons ●     The public healthcare system is accessible to city residents only.

City residents pay a minimal premium every month to get access to medical services, including surgery, lab testing, ambulance cases, dental medicine, and more.


Toronto is a great city to raise kids. The city offers public schools to all residents and dwellers with an official labor permit. Toronto’s universities and colleges are ranked highly among the world’s best educational institutions.

Pros ●     An abundance of top-rated universities.

●     Public schools are available for free.

●     A quality educational system.

Cons ●     You need to be a resident or have a work permit to get access to free educational services.

Pre-elementary institutions for minors in Toronto are also funded publicly. There’s a vast choice of options: you can send your kid to a daycare center, a preschool institution, or a kindergarten.


Toronto is renowned for manifold lifestyles due to its cultural diversity. The megapolis ranks among the top-preferred attraction destinations in the world.

Pros ●     A mosaic food scene with abundant cuisines, top restaurants, etc.

●     A rich cultural and art program.

●     The world’s top events (film festivals, etc.)

●     Low crime rate.

Cons ●     Some people would consider Toronto a bit hectic.

There are several areas in Toronto where life doesn’t stop day and night. If you mark active nightlife as essential, Toronto is a splendid option for you.


The city boasts its public transportation system. Today, it’s more convenient to travel by the city’s trams, buses, and subway than driving a car.

Pros ●     A ramified public transport network.
Cons ●     Traffic jams are inevitable in this large megapolis.

●     Public transport is relatively slow due to traffic jams.

Toronto is a cycling-friendly city. You can easily get a bike and travel outside all those congestions.


Finally, Toronto’s weather is a thing to consider beforehand. It has all four seasons, with hot summers and snowy winters.

Pros ●     Toronto’s climate is milder than the one of the northern regions of Canada.
Cons ●     Cold winters & hot summers.

If winter temperatures of 34°F-40°F (1°C-4°C) and extreme summer jumps of 95°F (35°C) and higher do not frighten you off, Toronto will be a great city to live for you and your family.

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