5 Must-Have Things If You Are A Dog Owner

Whether you are starting your journey as a doggo parent or an experienced one, there are some essential pet items that you should keep in your home. The market for these items is massive, growing every year.

You might get confused about what to buy and avoid with so many products. So, here’s a list of 5 things you must purchase if you have a canine in your house.

1. Right-sized dog collar with harness and leash

When you buy a dog from a breeder or rescue one from animal welfare, chances are you will get a collar. But you can always change it according to your taste. So while shopping for a dog collar, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. Click PAWAii SafeWalk Dog Harness to learn more.

Let’s discover them.

• Make sure it is appropriate for your dog.
• The collar should have a quick-release clasp and a built-in GPS tracker for safety purposes.
• Don’t forget to check if the collar has a sturdy D-ring or not. This ring helps to attach a leash.

Also, add a harness to your shopping list as it has multiple benefits.

• It reduces pressure from the collar. In case you are not using it and your furry friend pulls the collar, it will create problems in the breathing cycle.
• A harness helps to distribute the pulling force in the dog’s chest and back.
• It also makes small dogs less anxious and more comfortable.

A perfect dog leash must be 56 inches long, and the material should be soft and durable. Ensure that the leash is adjustable.

2. Crate and a dog bed

Like you, your pet also needs a secure and comfy sleep. The crate is the best way to create that space. Many experts recommend crate training from the beginning, as it will help your puppy lead a happy lifestyle.

Here are a few tips to help you buy the best crate.

• It should contain a divider panel as your pet will grow, and they will require bigger spaces. This does not apply to small dogs.
• Check if it folds up easily or not. This is extremely important as you will need this during visiting vets or transportation.
• Your doggo should be able to stand up and walk around within the small space of the crate.

You have to provide a bed where your canine will sleep. In the market, many dog beds are available that support their body and help them relax. Do ensure that your puppy is sleeping there comfortably. If not, change it.

3. Pet water fountain

For every dog owner, their dog is a child. We want to give our babies the best of everything. Thus, a pet water fountain is a must for your home as it will provide your furry baby with fresh and filtered water.

There are many reasons to include a water fountain in your list. Let’s explore them.

• When you use an advanced pet water fountain, the chances of water-borne disease in dogs decrease as it eliminates bacteria.
• The running water will attract your dog to the fountain and will drink water often. It will keep your pet hydrated and away from kidney problems.
• You will be free from worrying about filling your pet’s water bowl.

4. Pet Food

Stock appropriate dog supplies in advance to avoid any last-minute issues. The supplies for puppies and grown dogs are different. You need to check the labels of foods and treats to see if they are appropriate for your dog’s age.

If possible, talk to a veteran and seek their recommendations as well.

5. Grooming gloves

If your canine friend is furry, keep grooming gloves handy. With this, you can pile up the shading hairs of your four-legged friend in one place and throw them away without spreading them into the whole room.

You can also bathe your canine friend with these gloves and give a gentle massage.

Over to you…

Besides what’s mentioned above, if you have a high budget, you can include pet wipes, poop bags, and dispensers to make your life a little easier. Also, buy a dog spray to make your furry baby smell like a flower or odors of your choice.