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This Year’s Must-Haves For Every True Fashion Lover

If you are a fashion lover, you are probably wondering what are the latest trends and the must-haves of 2021. As fashion is changing so quickly, it is quite necessary to be up-to-date with fashion, if you want to stay trendy. And even though it has been a quiet year in the fashion world, the latest season has unveiled some new trends inspired by stylish and bold designers.

From clothing inspired by some influential decades in the past century, to some futuristic pieces of clothing, this year has really provided us with some fun fashion stuff. If you would like to know what are this year’s must-haves for your closet, read through this article!

A high-quality pair of jeans

Numerous things in the world of fashion appear and disappear very quickly. However, this is certainly not the case when it comes to jeans. Jeans are a piece of clothing that seems to be timeless. This year has brought us some new styles of jeans. So, if you would like to stay in style, make sure to check out a variety of washes, including black jeans, a medium wash as well as a light wash.

All of these are quite popular this year, and you can combine them with any outfit. And of course, make sure the pair of jeans you buy is comfortable. If you plan on wearing them every day, they should not be too tight. And if you would like to get some discounts, take a look at the coupons that Swagbucks are offering. You can get a stylish pair of jeans and save money at the same time!

A classic blazer

Even though bright colors and funky trends are back in style, those classic blazers are still the trendy ones. So, make sure you have one in your closet as well. This type of structured outerwear is something you can always count on to make your outfit look better and more luxurious. Classic blazers are worn by so many influencers, and the crowd seems to be following the trend.

Pair the blazer with a nice shirt with some fun patterns, and you have got yourself a must-have outfit for this year. And of course, if you have to keep things more professional, you can wear a nice blouse which will make the whole outfit look extra elegant.  

Bright-colored bags

This season, bright-colored bags have taken over both the runways and the streets. Having that small clutch can really spice up an outfit and be useful for your daily needs. There are so many different colors and styles to choose from, so you will be able to easily find one that suits your taste.

These bags look amazing when they are paired with other vibrant hues. However, if you like keeping things more simple, wear a monochromatic ensemble and make your outfit pop with a bold-colored bag. 

Seamless underwear

Seamless underwear is not a part of an outfit that can be seen, but it can play a huge role in how it looks like. If it is not that seamless, it can truly ruin the rest of your perfect outfit. So, make sure to find underwear that is not visible that much. If you are wearing a dress, it will allow you to look very sleek.

Oversized shoulder pad boyfriend jackets

Apart from the classic blazers mentioned above, this year’s trends promote oversized shoulder pad boyfriend jackets as well. These jackets are inspired by 80s fashion and can help you create a long-line silhouette. The shoulder pads can allow your waist to look smaller and have an elongating effect on your legs. Read more to know how to style a leather jacket

Rock this type of jacket with a pair of leather shorts or a pair of straight-leg trousers to achieve that modern style all the influencers are talking about this year. You can create a very elegant look, or down it down for an effortlessly chic aesthetic. Opt for colors such as charcoal, powder blue, or any natural color. 

Pastel colors

Even though it has started in the previous years, the trend of pastel tones seems to still be one of the dominant ones in the fashion world. No matter what kind of skin tone you have, these sorbet-inspired colors will be a perfect option for you. You can opt for one piece of clothing in cool mint green or soft lavender, or you can even make your whole outfit pastel. This trend offers a lot of freedom as you can combine it however you please. 


Many styles and pieces of clothing quickly run out of style. But, if they are something truly worth wearing, they will become a part of fashion once again. This is the case for headscarves. This lovely accessory takes inspiration from the 50s and the 60s, and it has come back in style this year.

They can provide a beautiful finishing touch to your outfit and protect your hair at the same time. The ones that are fashionable nowadays are those in silky design with intricate patterns or flower motives. So, if you would like to stay trendy and have a very ladylike outfit, do not forget to include a headscarf in it.

White knee-high boots

Speaking of the 60s, one of the most popular trends from this decade has made its comeback to the world of fashion. These are, of course, white knee-high boots. These boots look super chic and can elevate your outfit a lot.

You can wear them with a rollneck and skirt, a mini dress, or even a funky pair of leggings. If you take inspiration from that part of the 20th century, these are an absolute must-have for you.

Fashionable masks

There is not a piece of people’s outfits that has been more popular in the past few months than masks. Everyone needs to be wearing it to protect themselves and others. So, many people have thought – why not make it a nice and pretty part of the outfit. The ones that are the most popular are those sleek black masks.

They can match any outfit you are wearing, and even make it look more powerful. Of course, you can opt for the bedazzled ones as well, or for the ones that come in soft, pastel colors. In any case, take the opportunity and make your outfit pop even more. 

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your clothes. And if you want to stay in style at the same time, make sure to get the pieces of clothes mentioned in this article!

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