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Debunking The Most Common Myths That Exist About Hiring Employees

Are you looking for new employees? Research shows that HR practices have an impact on organizational and individual performance. Common misconceptions about the hiring process can result in making a bad hire.

Before you start hiring employees, you need to know the exact role you want them to do. A thorough and clear hiring process is necessary for you to land the right employees.

To stay ahead in business, find out what works best for your organization and what does not. Opening your eyes to what’s happening in the hiring industry could be a game-changer.

Let’s debunk the common myths that exist about hiring employees.

Work From Home Policies Reduce Collaboration and Lower Productivity

Truth: Companies in diverse industries have found the opposite to be true. Remote employees are effective when managed correctly, like on-site workers. Inexpensive cloud-based software increases productivity and solves collaboration issues.

You can get top talent from individuals who work hours away from the headquarters. They can come in when it’s necessary. Onboarding tools help companies to gain access to higher ability and educated candidates.

Also, companies experience high retention of off-site staff when they provide flexibility. Work from home policies should be part of your business ownership. They help to draw applicants and to improve the quality of your workforce.

If You Wait Long Enough You Will Find the Best Job Candidates

Truth: Nowadays, it’s vital to promote your employer brand actively. Otherwise, it would be close to impossible to find the best candidates. It’s the company’s responsibility to target potential employees in the right places.

Waiting for a long time is not practical in the current labor market. You may not find candidates who have proper qualifications for all the positions.

For this reason, companies are encouraged to focus on soft skills. Most candidates may lack the exact education needed. But they may have the required talent to perform the job description.

Demand is high than supply. In response, many companies have embraced the idea of on-the-job training.

So, coming up with the job requirements and descriptions for soft skills is necessary. It is not optional as it’s crucial to finding the best employees as a small business owner.

Technology Will Do All the Recruiting Process for You

Truth: Technology is a great tool, but it’s not the only recruiting method. The best HR department should have positive interactions with potential employees. It helps to personalize their experience and recruit top talent.

Besides, not all online job postings are legit. This could be harmful to the self-esteem of job seekers. Identify well-recognized job boards to post your openings. Job seekers will be able to distinguish your postings from scams.

Also, you cannot just rely on one recruiting method even if it worked well in the past. It could limit the diversity and quality of your applicants. It may also take longer to find ideal candidates for the open role.

Mix several recruiting methods that match your budget. They include referrals and online job boards. For roles that need top talent, consider using the services of a recruiting firm.

We Need to Look for the Perfect Candidate

Truth: Ideally, many candidates match the attributes and skills you seek. But there is nothing like a perfect applicant. Your role is to determine the most suitable candidate for the position.

In case you have difficulties filling the open position, reevaluate your criteria. It may be because there are no candidates that match the skills you need. But you find that there are some with similar skills.

On-the-job training is beneficial in filling any gaps. So, it’s not about looking for the perfect candidate but identifying the right person for the role. If you’re looking for an ideal candidate that you dream about, then you’re going to wait for a very long time.

Most job seekers apply for positions that don’t meet all the set requirements. It’s almost impossible for them to find the perfect job. Similarly, a company cannot find the exact match for the qualifications they want.

Most job descriptions are written in haste to entice candidates. They are mostly not tied to performance measures used to evaluate candidates. If the candidate meets the top three qualifications, they qualify for the position.

Eliminate Candidates with No Relevant Experience

Truth: It’s normal to find many applicants who lack the specific experience you need. But that’s not enough reason to disqualify their application. The best hiring process involves looking for the best candidate for your company.

A candidate may have relevant experience but lack the qualities you are looking for. You don’t want to hire the wrong candidate. At times, it would be best to hire for personality over skill.

Hiring for skills means that the candidate has a resume to back up their skill set. They may be qualified but lack an adaptable personality which is crucial for working on a team.

Skill-based hires are ideal for high-tech jobs. For such roles, skills are vital to do the job and achieve success.

Hiring for personality means the employee is a team player and open-minded. This is valuable if the job relies on a team or any guest service industry.

As an HR professional, you have to balance personality and skills in your hires. Aim to build a productive and strong team that works together effectively. Want to know what personality type you are? Take a personality test.

We Don’t Need a Candidate’s Applications If We Have Their Resume

Truth: Employment applications help in the hiring process. A candidate should provide their resume and employment application.

An application form is an excellent tool for HR departments and recruitment agencies. The information job hunters provide on the application can streamline the shortlisting process.

An application may reveal information that candidates may have excluded from the resume. They include reasons why they left their previous jobs.

Applications also make it easier to collect job-related information systematically. It helps HR to compare the information of different candidates. They will quickly identify any discrepancies in the resume and the application.

You’ll know about the candidate’s availability, job history, and references. When reviewing candidates, ensure that the forms comply with all relevant laws.

Conducting Interviews Is a Waste of Time

Truth: Interviews are not easy, but they are necessary. They help uncover information not provided in the candidate’s application or resume. Interviews will let you know how they have dealt with similar situations in the past.

It is also an opportunity for candidates to expand and clarify critical information. Take time to review job seekers’ resumes and employment applications. Identify those who meet the minimum qualifications.

Conducting interviews can take time, so you need to prepare properly in advance. To avoid wasting time on the wrong candidates, you can do a phone interview. Phone interviews help to narrow down the list of candidates.

Prepare questions in advance to compare candidates’ skills, abilities, and knowledge. It will be easy to schedule in-person interviews. Phone interviews save you time to plan the hiring process.

Conducting Reference Checks Is a Waste of Time

Truth: Reference checks are an essential part of workplace culture. Luckily, it is a screening process that requires less effort.

The best HR department will conduct multiple references. The aim is to confirm if the candidate is the right fit for the job.

Hiring employees is a big deal. You’ll be surprised how much information you’ll get from other professionals.

As you narrow your list of candidates, reference checks will be part of the screening process. Candidates who make it this far shows that they can make good employees. But that should not stop you from making a few phone calls to double-check if they are the right candidate to hire.

Candidates may look good on paper and do well in interviews. But a reference check will reveal the real person you will deal with. You’ll find out important details like their professional background and work performance.

Your goal is to ensure you hire a stellar employee. It’s your responsibility to hire the best person for the job.

There Are Many Drawbacks of Hiring Older Employees

Truth: Most employers believe that hiring workers aged 50+ has many drawbacks. Most think that older employees will demand a higher-than-average salary.

Others believe that they have higher healthcare costs and are not tech-savvy. This misconception has been proven to be untrue in a lot of studies.

In 2020, employees at 55 years and older occupied 49% of US jobs. This shows that employers who avoid older employees are missing out. Older workers have lower turnover and are more productive.

They are also likely to stay longer in your organization than younger individuals. They have accumulated skills and knowledge of a lifetime. It shows that they could be a great asset to your company.

Excluding Candidates Who Have a Felony Conviction Will Save Time and Resources

Truth: Excluding candidates with criminal convictions may violate local, state, and federal laws. Such blanket policies may affect protected groups and minorities.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission states the civil rights acts in employment decisions. Employers should not exclude any applicant who has been convicted of a crime.

Instead, they should evaluate the specific crime related to that position. When doing an assessment, consider the facts and circumstances surrounding the offense. Check also the number of violations, character references, and rehabilitation efforts.

Recruit Only When You Have an Open Position

Truth: Your company should actively recruit people even with zero job openings. It’s essential to keep on adding potential candidates to your talent pool. Recruitment should be an ongoing process.

Promote your brand by building an online presence. Building a network will pay off if the need to hire arises. A positive employer brand is crucial for the success of any company.

Employer brand refers to how the public views your company. They base this on your past and present employees. People need to have a positive perception of your company to work for you.

Don’t wait until you have an open position to create a positive image and reputation for your company. Having a large pool of candidates to choose from will attract top talent making your job easier.

It’s Impossible to Compete for Candidates with Employers Who Pay More

Truth: Candidates look at different factors before accepting job offers. Your company may not provide the highest wages but offer a compensation mix.

You may offer direct compensation in the form of bonuses, commissions, salaries, and wages. Also, provide indirect compensation like retirement plans, paid time off, health insurance, etc.

Other job seekers emphasize professional development or flexibility. Providing flexible work schedules and other perks could help your recruits more candidates. This will help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Employee benefits are much more affordable than you think. It shows the employer’s commitment to attract new employees and retain top performers.

Employers need to assess benefits that make more sense for their business. Think about cost, employee demographics, and company culture.

There Is No Need to Actively Recruit Applicants with Disabilities

Truth: Most employers have the misconception that people with disabilities are not as productive. They are also concerned about absenteeism and assume that they need costly accommodations.

Studies have shown that these assumptions are not valid. People with disabilities are productive like others. Also, they are not absent frequently as assumed.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) says applicants with disabilities need accommodation. They need to have an equal opportunity to do their roles effectively. For example, an individual with a site-related disability will need an alternative format. They won’t need a written test but a reader to have the same opportunity for the position as others. ADA requires employers to offer a reasonable accommodation. They should do so even if it creates a hardship for their business.

Avoid the Above Myths When Hiring Employees

When hiring employees, take time to evaluate the positions you need to fill. Come up with a recruiting strategy to widen your reach. Before posting any job listing write the job description based on the skills needed.

Post job listings and go through the list of applicants. Interview the most qualified interview candidates. Finally, do a background check to ensure that you’re hiring the right person.

For more information on hiring employees, check our other blog posts.

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