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5 Reasons You Need A Medical Alert System

Accidents and sudden illnesses can happen at any time without warning, and sadly, it may be at those times where there are no family members or friends around to help you out. A medical alert system is a vital life-giving tool that can assist you when you encounter vulnerable life moments. Through the system, help is alerted and assistance dispatched in the shortest time possible.

Medical alert systems come in the form of home-based or mobile-based, with a fall-detection alert as an add-on to either. The home-based alert system works with a base station and comes with a portable button worn around the wrist or neck, which you press in case of an emergency. A modern mobile alert system is used anywhere there is good cell service coverage as it has GPS tracking, built-in cell service, and is also waterproof.

1. To enjoy independence

This system is for you if you are a senior citizen who desires to lead an independent life without a caregiver or minder hovering around them 24/7. Waterproof medical alert systems for seniors allow you to enjoy the independence and comfort of living alone, knowing that help is within easy reach should you need it.

You can wear the device in the shower, bed, the mall, and the garden, wherever you need to be. Senior system alarm systems have environmental sensors that can predict adverse events like fires and high monoxide levels and raise alarms. Medical alert technology is designed to transform the lives of senior citizens.

2. If you are at risk of falling

If you ever experienced a fall with no one around to help you, then you know just how scary the experience can be. If your risk of falling is high due to a disability, old age, or a health condition, a medical alert system with fall detection as an add-on will give you an added layer of security. Should you fall, the emergency response operator gets notified even when you don’t manage to push the button and responds accordingly.

3. If you live alone

Living alone offers you limitless freedom in your home. However, should you experience a break-in, medical emergency, or fall accident, you will have to navigate the crisis all on your own.

However, with a medical alert system, one can have both independence and peace of mind, no more living in fear. With the mobile system, you have 24/7 protection even when you are away from home. All you have to do is press a button when you need help, and the emergency response operator will be at hand.

4. For your loved ones’ peace of mind

Freeing your loved ones from worrying about you is an incredible feeling. If you live alone, live far away, are elderly, or suffer from a health condition, it is only normal that your loved ones worry about you a lot. However, when they know you have access to emergency assistance through the medical alert system with just a push of a button, they will have peace of mind.

5. If you have a medical condition

When you have a medical condition that can be life-threatening, any discomfort can throw you into a panic mode as it can signal the beginning of something serious. It gets better when you know help is at the click of a button, with a medical response team ready to respond to your alert. That quick response can make a difference between life and death.


Medical alert systems offer you independent living with security, safety, and comfort. While the thought of having one may feel scary, in the end, a medical alert system can make all the difference in saving your life.

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