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9 Things To Know About The .NET Framework

Web Development, Client Applications, and the IoT are the most in-demand types of programming. Specialists who work in this direction have many orders and a good salary. That is why so many novice IT professionals strive to master the .NET framework – one of the most convenient tools with an extensive library of ready-made solutions. But, before you start learning this software, you need to know more about this framework.

1. What is .NET?

.NET is a robust framework developed by Microsoft. It was created in 2002 as an alternative to the Java platform from Sun. It is an ideal assistant when creating various software (from web development to mobile applications), mainly for Windows and several other operating systems such as Mac OS X and Linux.

It can work with various programming languages:

• C#;
• C++;
• F# and many others.

It allows you to use the same namespaces, libraries, and APIs for different programming languages.

2. Is it true that .NET is only for Windows?

For a long time, this was true, but the developers realized the need to make it cross-platform and created .NET Core in 2016. This set of tools allows you to create software that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Programmers hope that soon the list of software will expand even more.

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3. Where does this framework fit in the open-source world?

Almost any developer can contribute. The framework creators are interested in seeing this develop and offer new solutions to their clients so qualified programmers can share their answers. For example, the Roslyn C# the compiler has been made open source by Microsoft under the Apache license, and the Roslyn source code can be downloaded from GitHub.

4. Where does C# fit into this?

It is an object-oriented programming language that is used internally by .NET. It can improve the productivity of the development process. This programming language boasts type safety, garbage collection, simplified type declarations, versioning and scalability, and other features that make it easier and faster to develop solutions.

5. What is Visual Studio?

This developer environment is popular because it supports code editing, interface design, server management, debugging, and performance analysis. Professionals can quickly write their programs in C# or .NET.

6. How extensive is the library here?

It is challenging to write software entirely from scratch. And in general, this is not necessary at all. Modern scientists actively use ready-made solutions to move forward rather than rediscovering the periodic table.

.NET has a vast library of ready-made solutions that developers can combine and create new original products. Of course, modules related to external design should be prescribed individually for each product. But as for functionality, security, or payment systems, you can take it in the framework and library.

In this case, you can save time, effort, and money, release your unique product before your competitor and thus get additional benefits.

7. Is it possible to be a full-fledged developer using only .NET?

Often, ready-made solutions in .NET are server-side. Of course, there are several examples of creating an attractive interface here, but you can’t create identical interfaces with different functionality.

You will have to master additional programming languages such as Javascript, CSS, and HTML on your own to learn how to create an excellent, original product.

8. ASP.NET is perfect for the Internet

If you need to develop a website, it will be easy to do it with ASP.NET because it is explicitly created to make it easier to work with Javascript, CSS and HTML, and the back-end. There are several high-quality solutions here, but without knowledge of these programming languages, it will be challenging to achieve good results.

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9. What are .NET developers called?

When you are looking for the right specialist, you may come across different job titles:

• .NET software developer;
• software engineer;
• web developer;
• .NET engineer.

All these specialists do the same job and are called differently. Each of them can create unusual and very useful tools.


.NET is one of the most convenient and popular frameworks today, which is used to create various applications for Windows and other operating systems. Here you will find a massive library of ready-made solutions, thanks to which you can easily and quickly create the necessary product.

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