new unique sports try in 2023

What New And Unique Sports You Should Try In 2023

It’s a common frustration among those just now getting back into sports to know where to begin. Here are a few exciting and novel sports you can take to get in shape.

2023 is the perfect time to try out a brand-new sport. This article will introduce you to unusual sports you might not have heard of before. From Strongman to Quidditch, all of your demands can be met. Go out and give these activities a shot.


Strongman is a strength competition in which competitors must complete a series of challenging physical challenges. It has been around for quite some time, but events like World’s Strongest Man have helped propel it into the public during the past decade.

Strongman competitions involve the lifting, hauling, and dragging heavy objects like vehicles, logs, and atlas stones. This is the sport for you if you believe you have what it takes to compete against the best in the world.


Pickleball is a thrilling and quick-paced activity that is perfect for getting some outdoor fitness. This game is quickly gaining in popularity by mixing elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. It’s excellent for novices and experts alike due to its compact court size and use of wiffle balls and firm paddles.

Two or four players use paddles to knock a ball back and forth over a net, attempting to score points by making the ball land on their opponent’s side of the court multiple times.


If you’ve read the Harry Potter books, you already know what Quidditch is. The only difference is that it’s not played using broomsticks in the real world.

This common sport has two teams of seven players, each trying to score by tossing the quaffle (a kind of volleyball) into the opposing team’s net. Quidditch competitions are held annually worldwide, attesting to the sport’s growing popularity.


Slacklining is a great activity that helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. To do this, you must walk on a narrow strip of webbing suspended between two fixed points. Because of its low-impact nature, it is gaining in popularity, and it can be a rewarding form of exercise for people of all fitness levels.

It’s fantastic in many ways, and its ease of use is one of them. A slackline requires two support points, so you’re good to go. If you fall, you should ensure the ground is stable below you.

Underwater Hockey

The odd and thrilling sport of underwater hockey is played at the pool’s bottom. Players don fins, snorkel and compete on opposing teams to hit a weighted puck around a pool using hockey sticks. It calls for lightning-fast reactions, solid coordination, and some luck.


Why not go with the tried and true instead of experimenting with something new? Get this: even extremely old! Originally taught to us by indigenous North American people, lacrosse was previously monopolized by wealthy criminals in the 1980s but is now once again in the hands of the general public. 

Even while it’s possible to get seriously hurt playing hockey due to frequent physical contact and stick-checking, the game is a great workout that will have you rushing back and forth across a vast field. 

Lacrosse is a fantastic sport. Even gamblers are fans of betting lacrosse in some legit sites with free spins casinos


Do you not find the name intriguing? Some Dutch players have taken the idea of basketball and applied it to a mixed-gender format. Rather than relying on brute strength, this game requires more dexterity and planning. 

No one can run or dribble the ball; location and passing are key, much as they are in a game like a handball. The trend spreads throughout Northern Europe and Southeast Asia, including fans in Taiwan and Scotland.


If you’re restless and looking for a new challenge, why not try out for a local unicycle hockey team? Unicycle ice hockey? You read that right. Your guess is correct: it’s hockey played by riders atop unicycles. 

Growth has been exceptionally rapid in France and the United Kingdom, with more than 60 registered teams. This is the ideal sport for those who thrive on competition and can juggle multiple tasks at once. There’s a good chance of getting scratched knees and practicing your balance if you participate in this sport.

Quad ball

Quadball has exploded in popularity worldwide after starting as a niche sport on college campuses. This sport is better known by its original name, Quidditch, which may be familiar to fans of the Harry Potter series. 

Despite being played like a version of the sport with no magic, this game has developed into its own thing and separated itself from Harry Potter to be taken seriously and escape JK Rowling’s controversies. Check it out if you want to associate with other sports fans that share your passion.


Ultimate Frisbee has long held a place in the annals of odd sports lore, but it has also established itself as a respectable and entertaining activity in its own right. Ultimate Frisbee is a fantastic team sport for anyone looking to exercise and have a good time with their pals. It’s rewarding to hone your disc spinning skills and become a more powerful and accurate thrower. It’s like soccer, except you use a frisbee instead of a ball.


This concludes our list of truly original sports to attempt in 2023. Since being held accountable by teammates is one of the best ways to achieve fitness objectives, joining a team might be the best way to achieve those goals.

You can choose a wide range of sports, from the mainstream to the out there. It’s natural to be nervous about resuming athletic activity, so it’s important to talk to your doctor about whether or not you should take any supplements to assist your body in getting back in shape. Vitamins and other supplements are always a good investment. Have fun and play safely no matter what sport you choose.

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