nurses you might choose to be

Different Types Of Nurses You Might Choose To Be

We all know that there are different sorts of nurses, but it may surprise you to know just how many there are. There are a minimum of 39 different distinctions, and that just scratches the surface of the plethora of professional opportunities this field offers. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Travel Nurse

Like other types of RNs, travel nurses need to have a BSN or an AND. It also helps to have an additional certification or more advanced degree to make you more of a competitive candidate. Travel nurse jobs can pay as much as $3,000 per week. The field continues to grow, along with other nursing fields. 

It is perfect for those who dream of traveling the world or even who want to see more of their own country, while also tackling the critical task of alleviating nursing shortages and providing care to those in need. 

Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner (AGNP)

To practice in this field, you’ll need an MSN or higher, which means you’ll need to stand out in nursing school. You can make more than $123,000 per year. As the population continues to age, nurses with this specialty will be in high demand.

Geriatric nurses are some of those we’re most in need of. As this type of nurse, you’ll focus on providing treatment for older adults. These people might have unique health challenges and needs that are related to the process of aging, like a reduction in bone density leading to a susceptibility to bone fractures.  

Cardiac Nurse

If this area is more your style, you’ll need a BSN or higher to get your RN. Cardiac care nurses can make more than $88,000 per year and have a job growth expectancy that’s on par with other types of nurses. You will specialize in heart health. 

You can work in a long-term care facility, a clinic, a hospital, or other settings. Your duties might include things like aiding with surgeries, using medical devices, and being in communication with patients who suffer from acute or chronic conditions like heart failure.

Critical Care Nurse

If you’re interested in this path, you’ll find that many employers require a bachelor’s as a minimum. You can earn a salary of more than $80,000 per year. Critical care nurses assist with providing care to patients suffering from life-threatening or critical illnesses or injuries. They might clean wounds, assess treatments needed, infuse blood, and even administer medicines. 


Licensed practical nurses will need a postsecondary non-degree, like a nursing certificate. They can make about $48,000 per annum. As one of these nurses, you’ll be responsible for things like providing patients with basic care and treatment, recording and monitoring patients, answering their questions and discussing care plans, and facilitating communication between them and their healthcare professionals. 

Between things like a national shortage of nurses, an aging population, the growing complexity of insurance regulations and medical tech, and the incomparable pressures of managing and fighting the pandemic along with other health emergencies, nursing demand is at a high. Actually, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that some of the nursing professions, like RN, will have a slightly higher growth than usual in the next decade.

If you have a passion for advancing medical care while also improving the lives of your patients, and you’re thinking about becoming a nursing assistant or nurse, the first thing you should do is to figure out which field of nursing will suit your goals, interests, skills, and talents best. Once you have that in order, start looking for a position that best suits you.

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