7 Offbeat Cake Flavours That You Must Try In Your Lifetime

Cakes need no introduction. They are a must-have for every party. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a wedding, a farewell, or just a get-together, cakes add a festive touch to it. With time, the cake flavors have evolved manifold from the classic vanilla fruit cake, today we have several uniquely flavored cakes.

So, next time when you order a cake, make sure to try a new flavor. Get more bang for your buck at Emicakes. Here, we have no hidden charges or exorbitant cake prices. Just a quirky twist to your favorite cakes.

We have compiled a list of 7 offbeat cake flavors that you must try in your lifetime. Let us have a look and let us know what you think.

7 Offbeat Cake Flavors That You Must Try In Your Lifetime

1. Tea-flavored cake: Tea was first discovered in china. Once their top-guarded secret, it became the world’s favorite drink after the world knew about it. Today, we have several flavors available in the market. The recipe to make each one of them is different.

You can have English-style tea or a cup of antioxidant-rich green tea. If you are a tea lover, nothing can beat the fresh aroma of fresh tea in your cake. You can opt for different tea varieties like osmanthus tea, green tea, or black tea.

The recipe is pretty simple. You just need to boil some milk and let the tea leaves infuse their flavor in it for 10 minutes. Add this tea slowly into the dry cake mix to make the cake batter. Then bake it for 30-45 minutes at 180 degrees.

2. No-carb watermelon cake: Cakes are notorious for being carb-rich. Ask anyone who is diet conscious, the first thing they omit from their diet is cakes. But what if this cake takes a healthy turn? Well, watermelon cake is one of the quirkiest cakes that is every health-conscious favorite.

Making it is very simple. You just need to carve out thick circles and keep the stacking one over the other to give them a cake shape. Add fresh cream over it and decorate it with the freshly sliced fruits of your choice.

3. Ginger-punch cake: The ginger punch always adds a zing to any dish. But have you ever tried it on your cake? This cake flavor is excellent to add a unique touch to your parties especially tea parties. You can put a frosting of vanilla cream or chocolate or maple syrup over it to enhance the taste. Serve it with a steaming cup of tea.

4. Sushi cakes: From japan, sushi has made its way to almost everyone’s favorite food list around the world. The best part of sushi is that it is super healthy. But have you ever tried sushi cakes? Well, this cake is already creating some noise.

All the ingredients of sushi are put together and instead of being rolled into a cylinder, they are served as a cake. The base layer is of the nori. Then a layer of sticky rice mixed with rice vinegar is put over it. Then there is a layer of fresh veggies like avocado or cucumber.

It is followed by a layer of thinly sliced salmon or any fish of your choice. Keep repeating the layering till you get the desired thickness. This is one of the most unique cake ideas just contrary to the popular image of cakes. It is not sweet, has zero calories, and is super healthy. A must-try!

5. Nasi lemak cheesecake: If you have ever been to Malaysia, you must have enjoyed the authentic cuisine nasi lemak. The distinct aroma of pandan leaves combined with rich and creamy coconut milk gives the dish a phenomenal taste. But what if you can enjoy this dish as a cake? Doesn’t it sound exciting?

Well, chefs have already experimented and have received rave reviews. But what makes this cake stand out is its unique combination with cheesecake. The crumbly cheesecake serves as the base while nasi lemak works as the topping.

The sweetness of cheesecake is perfectly balanced out by the creamy texture of nasi lemak. The finely chopped nuts over the top add an extra zing to the dish.

6. Salad cake: While the combination of both these cakes looks contrasting, it is very much of a reality. While cakes are notorious for being high in calories and carbs, salads are the ultimate health food.

So, when both are combined, a new dish altogether is there. With a vast range of veggies to use, this cake can be easily customized as per the need. Use finely chopped salad veggies and combine them with cheese, yogurt, and spices to create a unique flavor. Now line the veggies compactly in a container for a compact shape.

7. The salted caramel cake: Caramel is synonymous with ultimate sweetness but what is this salted caramel cake? Doesn’t this sound adventurous? Well, the cake is the perfect example of how contrasting tastes can be combined for a delicious dish. The magic lies in layering.

The simple vanilla sponge cake is first layered with salted caramel sauce and then with buttercream. It is then repeated 2-3 times till you get the desired height. A final layer of caramel sauce with chopped pistachios, nuts, and fresh fruits gives it a taste pop.

We bet you will never want to move to the sweet cakes once you taste this awesome cake.


Cakes are synonymous with sweetness. Ask anyone on diet and they will say that they have given up on the cake, because they generalize all cakes to ruin their diet. But there are enough offbeat cake recipes that are healthy and are in fact, not every cake is sweet. And you live only once! So, why limit yourself to selected recipes.

You can always contact your nearest customized bakery shops to get these cakes or try your hands. Many youtube cookery channels keep posting awesome cake recipes. If you have tried any, do let us know how it turned out. We would love to hear about your experience. Bon Appetit!