ordering custom parts in bulk

3 Tips for Ordering Custom Parts in Bulk

Buying in bulk is a proposition that appeals to casual shoppers and business owners, especially if you are a manufacturer. Keeping necessary and commonly sold parts in stock can help you provide quick solutions to customers when they need them the most. An example of one such custom part is the o-ring.

O-rings are among the most common components utilized in machine design across a range of industries such as aerospace, automotive and the medical sector. Given its versatile uses, bulk buying these seals is a sensible decision. Here are some tips to help you order o-rings and other custom parts in bulk while avoiding costly mistakes.

Find the Right Supplier

When it comes to custom parts, you need to find reliable suppliers and manufacturers who can meet your bulk orders. The first step would be to find wholesalers who will make the parts you require to the exact specifications. Once you have this shortlisted, conduct research on each of these suppliers to see who ticks off the most boxes.

Check their products for quality and durability, and see if they have sufficient knowledge about the parts they sell. Find out if their inventory is large enough to meet your needs consistently. Ask about the turnaround time on orders and if they can expedite shipping when necessary. Tying up with reputed and reliable bulk suppliers of custom parts such as Apple Rubber can help you stay on track with your supply chain goals in a hassle-free way.

Buy Only Necessary Parts in the Right Quantity

Being smart about your purchases can help you stick to your budget and avoid unnecessary expenses. It might seem like a good idea to buy all the parts for your unit in bulk just because it’s cheaper than getting them at retail rates. However, if some of these parts are not used often, then you would have made the investment in vain. Examples are certain automobile accessories and specialized medical devices that may not have many takers.

After you make a list of the parts that are used the most, figure out the quantity you require. By ordering excessive quantities of parts, you may end up spending money that could have been better utilized elsewhere to get your startup on solid ground. You can always make changes to subsequent orders depending on cash inflows and changing needs.

Check and Recheck Before Placing Your Order

Mistakes do happen and, if we were talking about just a handful of parts, it wouldn’t be any cause for concern. When you are ordering or buying something in bulk though, errors can prove costly. For instance, you might suddenly find yourself in possession of hundreds of custom parts that are the wrong size or it may be that they are made with the wrong materials.

To prevent such mistakes, you need to be meticulous about getting accurate measurements and clearly outlining specifications. It is alright to spend a little time checking and rechecking the details before placing your order instead of being saddled with the parts you don’t need.

Ordering custom parts in bulk is part of the inventory management process. Having an organized inventory database and the tools to maintain it efficiently can help you streamline operations.

This way you can focus on achieving other startup goals without worrying about the availability of essential parts when customers need them.

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