Pay Stub With Direct Deposit

For many of us, the concept of getting pay stubs in the mail is as old-fashioned and quaint as talking on the phone. We get paid monthly via direct deposit, and that’s pretty much it.

But what if you need some proof of your income for a loan or to cash a check? Or when you’re applying for an apartment? Or maybe you’ve just misplaced your last stub and have no idea how much money you’re making from all your hard work.

Not to worry! Below are easy ways to get your hands on a good old fashion pay stub and track your income. Keep reading to find out how.

Pay Stub With Direct Deposit

As long as direct deposit is an option your company offers, you can get a pay stub.

Direct deposit allows you to receive your paycheck into your bank account, rather than waiting for it to arrive in the mail. While this is convenient, it’s not beneficial for filing your taxes or tracking your work hours. Pay stubs are still useful for this purpose.

Ask Your Employer

It’s easy to get a pay stub from your employer without any paperwork or going to the bank. All you need is the right information and you can get a pay stub sent to your email on the spot.

They May Charge You if It’s a Reprint

Some employers will provide you with a free pay stub reprint; others charge for this service. It is typically less than $1.

If your employer does not offer free paystubs, ask if they can give you a 4852 form. You can use this piece of paper like any other IRS-approved tax form; it’ll show information on your wages over the course of the year.

Create Your Own Pay Stub

You might need your pay stub now and don’t have time to wait for your employer.

In this case, you can go to an online pay stub creator. There are many reputable websites that will create a pay stub for you using the information you input. The website will then either email the pay stub to you or allow you to download and print it from their site.

What to Include in a Pay Stub

Some essential information to have on a pay stub is:

  • Your name
  • Your Social Security number or employee identification number
  • The dates of the pay period
  • Gross pay (the amount you earned before taxes and other deductions)
  • Deductions
  • Net pay (the amount you take home after taxes and other deductions)

If your employer offers direct deposit, your pay stub may also include information about where your paycheck will be deposited.

Get Your Pay Stub in Minutes

Hopefully, you’ve got an answer to all your questions about getting a pay stub with a direct deposit. If you’re unable to get your pay stub from your employer when you need it, go online for a speedier alternative.

If you still have any lingering doubts, contact your employer for more information.