8 Photography Business Ideas

If photography is your passion and you want to use your camera to earn money, there are many types of business ideas to explore. The photography market has become very competitive. It is most suitable for people willing to learn new methods and techniques, invest in new gadgets and have excellent customer service skills. This will help you to build a sustainable career.

In this article, we’ll outline great photography business ideas.

1. Aura photography

Aura photography involves recording and displaying the electromagnetic energy coming off a human body and transforming the readings into a spectacular portrait. To start an aura photography business, you first need to understand auras so you can answer clients’ questions. You then need to invest in an aura camera and practice with it before going professional. You can find an aura camera for sale here.

2. Real estate photography

Homeowners, property managers, realtors, and real estate agents rely heavily on pictures to market to their potential clients to have prior knowledge of the property before scheduling visits. They also use these images on their website and other advertising platforms. Even though the field is very demanding due to the volume of images needed and turnover time, it can be very rewarding.

3. Magazine photography

Magazine publishers offer good business to creative photographers to help them reach their clients and make their brands gleam. Publishers can offer to buy photos or hire a full-time photographer for their magazines or newspapers. One needs to be a team player with good eye-hand coordination to bring their services to life.

4. Travel photography

If you love adventure and travelling, this might be the perfect career for you. You can take pictures and sell them to related platforms. The photographs may be used for promotional purposes or entertainment.

5. Family photography

Family photography is for the creation of memories for future generations with those you care about. A good family photography portrait camera should offer a wide range of focal points with great speed and a good resolution for quality image and performance.

6. Sports photography

Sports photographers focus on sports events, action and drama. They double as photo-journalists, where they create images for sporting news channels. Sports involve a lot of movements, and one needs the best photographic equipment to help capture the still or moving sports personalities.

7. Pet photography

If you love animals, pet photography may be the career for you. Just like a family member, people love taking their pictures of their pets either for a social network, pet shows, or simply to show their sweet personality. As a freelance or a paid pet photographer, one needs to highlight the character of the animal, and be patient with all types of pets in order to capture a unique portrait.

8. Celebrity photography

Celebrities love fame, and they love making headlines and having photos taken. A celebrity photographer must be prepared to follow them around for best shots and sell them to other platforms. To make the best of it, one needs to have good contacts and sometimes be forceful to get that unique and elusive photo to sell to the media or other agencies.


You can turn your photography passion into a full-time career. Interestingly, women have another particular choice in photography, as you can find in the example of Jenna Ortega Feet. Explore the above ideas cupped with good photography equipment, proper marketing tools, and suitable operational tools to manage your business.