physiological signs of a crush

Butterflies or Nausea: 11 Physiological Signs of a Crush

Whenever you notice someone acting eccentric in your company, there’s a chance that they actually have a crush on you. You can tell if that’s the case with these 11 physiological signs of a crush.

1. Eye Contact

The way someone looks at you is one of the biggest physiological signs of a crush. Extended eye contact happens because people tend to look more at the things they like.

2. Blushing, Sweating, and Shaking

Excitement or anxiety triggers a release of hormones, which leads to things like blushing, sweaty palms, or shakiness. Therefore, if you see someone’s face turn red when around you, it could mean they really like you. Blushing is especially hard to hide, as it’s a primal reaction.

3. Being Physically Close

Humans gravitate toward the things they like. Thus, it’s no surprise a person with a crush will do the same. If you see someone near you often, it’s a sign that they have a crush on you. In fact, it’s especially obvious if they show up in areas where you wouldn’t expect them, like bars.

4. Behavior on Social Media

If you have social media accounts, you may notice a familiar face following, liking or sharing your content more frequently. The desire to be near someone knows no physical bounds.

5. Touching!

Touching is one of the more common physiological signs of a crush. They may lightly touch your arm, pick dust off your coat, or straighten your tie. These gestures tend to be rather subtle, but, once singled out, they’re a clear indicator of their liking toward you.

6. Focusing on You

In social gatherings, when someone likes you a lot, they tend to give you much more attention. You become their world, essentially. Outside of that, they may acquire an interest in your own passions and friend circles.

7. Keeping Conversations Going

You know when you talk about something you’re really into, and don’t want to stop? Someone with a crush on you will do the same. They will gently steer the conversation so that they spend as much time talking to you as possible.

8. Laughing

No matter how bad your previous joke was, someone who’s into you will more often than not laugh at it. To make things even better, they may laugh or at least smile at whatever you say, be it a joke or not. They just love it when you talk.

9. Mirroring

Subconsciously, people mimic the behavior, mannerisms, and speech of those they like. Thus, you can find out if they like you by looking at how their stance and speech matches yours.

10. Other Body Language Cues

Someone with a crush on you will point their feet towards you, instead of outwards. On the same note, they may turn their body to face you. In addition, when sitting at a table, they may push aside any objects like cups or newspapers. That way, they’re clearing any perceived obstacles between your bodies.

11. Stomach Butterflies

What if you have a crush on someone? People often say to always trust your gut. So if you have a funny feeling in your stomach, make note of that. Stomach butterflies are a strong indicator, in combination with other physiological signs of a crush.

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