Premium Keratin Hair Mask

Very often, girls in pursuit of beautiful styling do not think about the consequences, thereby straightening their hair and worsening their condition day after day. Over time, hair becomes dull, falls out, and splits. Taking into account our ecology and in many cases an unbalanced diet, all this is reflected in our appearance, including the condition of our hair. Anyone, even a novice hairdresser, advises to strengthen, moisturize and nourish our curls with the help of professional care.

In recent years, premium keratin hair masks have been in demand, which help restore the hair structure, while straightening and adding shine to the hair.

The composition of such a unique product includes keratin, which in its structure is a protein. By dividing the hair structure of cells, it restores the hair structure. In addition to external changes, women notice other benefits. The hair becomes stronger. Fragility is significantly reduced — strands retain flexibility even under metal pins.

Because the best keratin hair mask protects on all sides, it does not react to the negative effects of wind, bad water, or temperature. However, this does not mean that walking in the cold without a hat will go unpunished.

What Should You Know Before Keratin Treatment?

Keratin is the largest part of the protein, namely close to 90%, in the protein. The more protective layer of keratin on the curls, the healthier they look. Keratin masks are not recommended for women who are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Also, with severely damaged hair, with baldness, it is better to consult a specialist before using home care. Here are the tips you should pay attention to before using premium keratin hair masks:

• To begin with, give up various factors that adversely affect the condition of the hair — hair dryers, curling irons, frequent dyeing, and so on. Otherwise, the effect of the mask will be very subtle or absent altogether.

• Do not forget about full recovery, which includes not only a mask, but also proper nutrition, replenishment of vitamins and trace elements;

• The effect is more temporary, so do not forget to repeat the procedure after some time. But you also don’t need to overdo it.

• Check the manufacturer’s instructions for use, since after applying some masks, you can not wet your hair for three days.

• It is prohibited to use for pregnant women as well as for those who are allergic to some components of the mask.

Today, there is just a huge variety of products designed for daily hair care — shampoos, masks, serums, conditioners, keratin water, sprays, gels and oils. Professional, pharmacy and mass-market products differ in speed of action. The best hair masks with keratin provide a quick effect, but may contain artificial ingredients.

Find out first how to use a keratin hair mask, because there are several nuances in its application that other similar products do not have. Do not forget that this is a protein — a building material, which in some cases can make the strands too heavy and lead to their total loss.