private jet membership benefit your business

How A Private Jet Membership Can Benefit Your Business

Travel is a large and often essential aspect of a business, particularly larger businesses and those that are planning on scaling up. It can often have an impact on company expenses.

Especially since the pandemic, demand for private aviation has continued to grow with memberships for private aviation companies such as Vista Jet seeing a 43% membership growth year-on-year in Q1 of 2022. Private jet prices are also more affordable than ever before, meaning even those that might not have considered flying private before are joining the club.

Flexibility and convenience

Signing up for a private jet membership service such as VistaJet’s XO service means that travelers who fly around 25-49 hours per year get access to unparalleled convenience. This includes access to over 2,450 aircraft and the ability to fly immediately after signup. You’ll also be given access to bespoke special offers, from hospitality to events and unique experiences.


When flying private, you can comfortably arrive at the airport as little as 15 minutes before departure, saving you countless hours of turmoil that you’d experience flying commercial. No security lines, long queues and no more layovers and staying overnight at depressing airport hotels. It’s thought that flying private saves around two hours for most business customers. And think of all the work you could get done in that time!

More financially viable

Not only do XO members never have to pay a booking fee but you’ll get guaranteed fixed rates on certain days and dynamic rates during busy periods. Also, being a member of a private jet club means you don’t actually have to buy your own plane, which can cost anywhere between $3 million and $90 million. And then there are the maintenance and running costs to consider!

Optimizing business operations

If you are somebody that likes to work on the move then private travel was essentially made for you. While you might struggle to even connect to the onboard Wi-Fi reliably on a typical passenger flight, going private means that you are almost guaranteed sufficient working conditions on board. Indeed, you might even be able to hold meetings while travelling.

Nurturing international partnerships

For global businesses, regular travel and visiting in person are essential for making and sustaining valuable overseas business partnerships. Video calls might be able to keep the relationship ticking over but there is no contest when it comes to a face-to-face meeting. You might even find yourself expanding into regions and territories that you could never have dreamt of when flying commercial.

Safety and discretion

Above all else, a private jet charter’s main offer is complete privacy and expert security. It means you can be comfortable discussing confidential information without physical threat and, for public figures, it also allows for complete anonymity. Which is pretty priceless, we’d like to think.

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