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Top Proven And Working Tips On How To Properly Promote YouTube And Increase Activity

YouTube is one of the most popular social media. Surely a lot of people are wishing to create and run a successful blog on this platform. Sarah Andres, who is a prominent expert in growing a profile on YouTube, is ready to share her most effective tips. Her experience will be helpful to you if you struggle with the network for your success. 

Paid Growth On YouTube 

This topic remains controversial when it comes to arranging the strategy for your YT blog. According to Sarah, too many people are using paid services wrong, having a result opposite to their expectations. But in fact, looking forward to adding to your to-do list the option to buy YouTube likes, you must first make sure that you can handle the same number of organic YouTube video likes.

This allows you to control your progress and remain out of security algorithms’ attention. In the paid growth question Sarah definitely recommends taking baby steps until you have found your formula of productivity. Organic proportions where the leading position is taken by real likes and other stats are preferable, as relying solely on purchases will take you off the right course. 

The Main Aspects To Focus On

According to the latest research, there are three key characteristics that you should pay attention to, besides likes and views. Here they are:

• CTR or click-through rate. This metric counts the number of people who saw your thumbnail and clicked on it to see the video. The bigger this percentage is, the better. For example, if your CTR is 7% it means that 7 users out of 100 were interested in your content after seeing the thumbnail.

• Audience Retention. This stat is showing you how many users watched your content for a longer time than 30 seconds. The 30-second mark is important because that’s when the system counts on the view for your video.

• Watch time. This one refers to the general amount of time people were watching your videos. Kinda obvious, but very important to check on constantly to see which content is the most engaging for your viewers.

Optimize Your Channel

SEO on YouTube is based on keywords, and that’s what makes it so great and easy to use. All you need is to define the most relevant keywords for your niche, and correlate your video titles, descriptions, closed captions, and even scripts with this information. Every written text has to be enriched with keywords so your content is discoverable and relevant for the target audience. 

Your profile has to be optimized as well. On YouTube, you must fill in the tags for your content so the system can suggest your videos to potentially interested users. 

Take Some Inspiration 

To make sure your content will gain the attention of the audience, look through your competition on the platform. First of all, you will be able to see which type of content is the most engaging and how people react to various types of it. Secondly, you can define what niche is vacant, to take the spot and drag the attention of users to you, producing more authentic and original videos. 

Researching the existing material helps you to organize and improve your offer, securing the interest in your content since you get to show something fresh to the audience. 

Work On Thumbnails 

As it was stated before, your CTR is what you must improve to get more likes and views. So, video thumbnails play a big part in your progress on YouTube. Sarah has some recommendations for creating an eye-catching image for your video:

• Always create custom thumbnails. YouTube creator studio offers only video screenshots, which are not competitive material. Luckily you can upload your images for thumbnails.

• Don’t overload your picture with details. Remember that in fact, the size of the image in the UI is very small, so it has to be distinct and easy to understand what is in there.

• Put in important markers that will show the value of your content. It can be a text or an image, but it better be both.

• Choose minimalistic designs that combine pastel and juicy colors, so the image pops.

• Add branding details like logo or mascot, so your video is recognizable.

Divide Your Videos Into Chapters

This is a great and simple way to increase your audience retention rate. Users are oftentimes impatient, they want to get to the core of your content faster, or they may be interested in a certain part of the information that you provide there.

Video chapters on YouTube provide the opportunity for users to click on a chapter name and get straight to the part of the video they want, which improves user experience and gets profit for bloggers who have a quick solution to improving audience retention and increasing engagement rate. This method works perfectly for long videos, so users have the option to re-watch something or drop what they think is unimportant to them, without harming creators’ statistics. 

Making Series

People have a short span of attention, so to improve your stats and keep up the activity in your YouTube channel, creating a series of content is one of the most natural decisions. This way you can organize your content, making the consumption of it more comfortable for viewers and attracting people who are there for specific types of your materials. With various helping tools, you can easily distinguish your videos visually, so the process is quicker and smooth for you. 

Video series and types can be uploaded as playlists where complementary content is contained, so you can also increase your watch time since users usually tend to watch all the playlist contents at once. 

Use End Screens

And screen is an excellent way to stream your viewers to other content that you have. The End screen looks like a card that appears at the end of a current video that the user is watching, and it is clickable so the user can jump right to the offered content. So naturally, the best option is to expose topic-related videos or to promote other types of content that you have. Combine the end screen card with a relevant call to action for a better effect. 


YouTube is a social network, so people will expect you to communicate with them. Comments on YouTube are the main place to nurture your community. Reply actively to the comments you receive, always trying to motivate users for a further conversation. Fuel your discussions with questions and humor, strengthening the social bond with your audience. Address your audience through your videos too, asking them questions and providing topics to discuss not only with you but with each other too. 


Developing your YouTube channel is a complex task that requires lots of thinking through, planning, and research. To win the love and attention of the audience today, aspiring bloggers need to use all the features that YouTube provides, as well as focus on the high quality and authenticity of their content. It can be hard to squeeze in popular niches on YouTube, but if you find what you can offer to entertain and surprise the viewers, you will thrive.

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