pros and cons of dry vs wet shampoo

Pros And Cons Of Dry Vs Wet Shampoo

Shampooing has a bulk of myths associated along. Many individuals believe they need to wash their hair daily to get the entire gunk out of the scalp. However, a few believe that washing hairs daily can over-dry the hairs.

Hence, hair must be washed once a day. People have different experiences and different perspectives. Surely, you might have heard of these words somewhere. The question here is, “whom to listen to about the hair regime?”

We are here to break the myths and tell you the facts. Every person’s skins, hairs, and body needs are different. An average human needs to shampoo every alternate day for 2 to 3 days.

You might be thinking that this does not work for you, right. Again, you might have an oily scalp that tends to be getting oilier more frequently.

Why Do People Feel Oilier Hairs The Next Day Of Shampooing?

Some people have an oilier scalp and overall skin type. This kind of person tends to feel greasy hair very often. There are a few reasons that define this issue.

1. Washing The Hairs At Night

Thin hairs tend to get oilier when washed at night. Washing hair at night might work for a few; however, it does not work for many people.

Washing hairs at night irritates the scalp and leads to decreases hair growth. Our hairs grow the most due to their own produced sebum. This sebum protects the hair strands from excessive hair dryness.

2. Washing Your Hairs Quite Often

We love the sleek look of our hair. Often we see a little oil and run into the shower. This dries the hair strands and irritates the scalp. The lesser the time between washing, the oilier the hairs. Your hairs produce more oil to maintain the scalp’s natural hydration level.

3. Using A Shampoo With High Sulfate And Harsh Chemicals

Chemicals such as sulfate and paraben tend to make our hair resistant. It makes our hairs feel washed. Our hairs start feeling the need to be washed quite frequently.

What Is A Wet Shampoo?

The wet shampoo is an actual shampooing of your hairs that need a rinse afterward. This kind of shampoo adds to the nourishment of hair. The hair strands feel cleaner and feel refreshed.

They act as a scalp cleanser and remove the dirt and product buildup. We all are aware of shampoo. Let us talk about a few pros and cons of wet shampooing.

Pros Of Wet Shampooing

Wet shampooing is something we all are well aware of. It is common in many homes, and even people love using different shampoos depending on their ingredients, fragrances, and hair needs and problems.

  1. Wet shampooing cleanses the scalp and calms itchiness
  2. Relives the irritation and soothes the dry scalp
  3. Removes the dryness flakes and scalp redness
  4. The shampoo provides the proper moisture that is needed for hair sleekness
  5. The calming and cooling agent in shampoos provides relief from scalp irritation and excessive oiliness

Cons Of Wet Shampoo For Hairs

We all are well aware of how shampoo works. However, shampoo has some serious drawbacks that can add to the hair problems in the end. Let us talk about those cons.

  1. Excessive shampooing can wash away the must-needed sebum for healthy hair growth
  2. Most shampoos have harsh ingredient like polyethylene glycols, dimethicone, retinyl palmitate, triclosan, colors, fragrances, etc that irritates the scalp
  3. The shampoo is hair full for your hair growth and needs to be done only twice a week with mild shampoos

Does the question arise if the shampoo is bad for our hair, then how to control the greasy looking hairs?

We all have been here. The journey to healthier and longer hair starts with determination. If you want healthier hair, let that sebum work. Excessive oil may indicate that it is time to wash. Otherwise, the revolutionary product called “Dry Shampoo” is here to rescue.

What Is A Dry Shampoo?

We all must have seen or heard somewhere about dry shampoo. Dry shampoo has made its way into the market way back. However, influencers and makeup people have started talking about it. A few even swear by the product and its results.

Dry shampoo is an alcohol or starch based spray that adds volume to your hair. It removes the greasiness and adds a refreshed look in minutes.

What Is The Logic Behind Dry Shampooing?

Marketers realized the main issue in the world. People do not have time. Most of the innovation is based on this problem. One of that innovations is these aerosol sprays.

It adds a refreshed scalp and hairline when sprayed on a little oilier hair, like a 3rd-day hair. The process is the absorption of oil by the alcohol or starch in that spray. Dry shampoo does not wash the hair; it just rescues it for the day to give a feel of day 1 hair.

How To Use A Dry Shampoo?

We, as a whole, know about the ways of utilizing a wet shampoo. Notwithstanding, many of us do not have the foggiest idea about the legitimate course of dry shampooing.

The following are a couple of tips to get the best out of dry shampoo.

  • Purchase a decent quality dry shampoo ( one that doesn’t leave a distinguishable white cast)
  • Continuously splash from a 25mm to 6 inches distance
  • Splash on the areas that have more oil and the textual style part of your scalp
  • Splash appropriately and allow it to sit for a couple of moments
  • The primary tip is to rub the powder, so the greatest oil is assimilated
  • Equally, appropriate the item down to the roots and a tad bit of the hair strands while finger brushing
  • Brush your hair out and utilize a hairdryer to add the volume
  • Add a little hair conditioner (leave In), serum, and the scents fogs to add the try to please hair closes

Is Dry Shampoo Effective?

Contingent upon your hair surface, a dry cleanser will probably make your hair look less slick. Yet, do not be tricked by the “cleanser” in this item’s name. Dry shampoo is not intended for purging your hair.

Dry shampoos mask oil on your scalp. They do not function as a trade for washing your hair. Abusing dry cleansers can bring about a bothersome, dry scalp.

Wavy Hair

Dry shampoo can likewise attempt to renew wavy hair, yet you could have to change the application interaction.

Wavy hair should not be brushed or brushed out once it is dry and you have applied a dry cleanser. Any other way, your twists could look dry and fuzzy rather than new and fun.

Regular Hair

Assuming your hair is normally on the drier, more finished side, you have If your hair is dull brown or dark, dry cleanser could seem flaky when splashing it on your scalp. Buying a dry cleanser explicitly made for more obscure, regular hair could settle this.

Oily Hair

Dry shampoo is a magic feed for people with oily hairs. If you find that even a fast exercise meeting or a moist drive leaves your hair looking slick.

Dry shampoo could be a useful, convenient solution. Hair that gets rapidly oily should be washed frequently to purge your scalp and forestall impeded pores.

Pros And Cons Of Dry Shampoo

Like everything, dry shampoo has its pros and cons. Here we will discuss a few from my personal experience and the research facts.

Professionals Of Dry Shampoo – A Benefit For Lazy People

I am very languid about shampooing. I am in good company; many individuals are languid and believe their hair should feel improved without doing a lot. I frequently make arrangements when I wash my hair since it is simpler. Additionally, assuming I do any hairdo will endure longer.

  1. The standard utilization of dry shampoo expands the span between washdays
  2. Hairs look hydrated and saturated due to less shampooing
  3. The utilization of hairstyling apparatuses even the hairdryer gets restricted, and in the outcome of better hairs
  4. The volatilizing impact of dry shampoo causes the hairs to feel bouncier and more adequate
  5. It extends the variety of time. The hair tones and medicines remain longer
  6. They are gainful when you are in a rush and don’t have the appropriate wash time

Cons Of Dry Shampoo – Other Side Of The Story

  1. Excessive utilization of everything is harmful; the overabundance of use prompts extreme item development
  2. Makes hair fragile because of over splashing of hair oils
  3. The scalp pores can be stopped up, causing aggravation and breakouts
  4. The grimy scalp is a home ground for organisms and dandruff
  5. The scent might inundate a couple
  6. If hair is full of residue, it is irritative for individuals with skin sensitivities like dermatitis

Can These Cons Be Over Looked?

Yes, one can easily overcome the cons with the proper use of dry shampoo. Picking dry cleanser items that have regular fixings. Try not to utilize dry cleanser repeatedly, and make a point to wash your hair somewhere around one time each week.


Dry shampoo is a temporary solution that solves the problem. If you are willing to get long and healthy hair, opt for a good shampoo. Oil your scalp and wash once or twice a week after proper oiling. Use dry shampoo before the hairs get excessively oily to get the best out of your hair.

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