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You Need to Immediately Protect These 5 Items at Your Home, If You Haven’t Yet

Being a homeowner isn’t easy. After all, taking care of your residence goes much beyond repairs and fixes. A majorly neglected aspect of homeowning is security. On that note, are you sure your home security is leakproof? If not, you need to immediately protect these items at home.

1. The Obvious—Cash

It is obvious that in case of a mishap, your cash at home will be compromised first. In case of theft or burglary, it is evident that the perpetrator will be seeking cash. After all, it is the most logical course of action; especially since we tend to obviously have cash at home.

How to bypass this, you might ask? The logical thing to do would be to place as much money as possible in a bank. Otherwise, you can also look at the safe options (pun intended) available in the market. Luckily, modern tech has promised great advances in the form of safes with biometric authentication and so on.

2. Clothes, Apparel—All that Limited Edition Stuff

The reason why this comes second to cash is because of how conspicuous it is. On a side note, if you happen to be one of those folks who go all ham on the apparel section—be wary. The weirder and more ‘limited-edition’ your line of apparel is, the more chances of mishap.

The other thing to be wary of is sneakers. Modern times have seen an exponential rise in limited-edition ‘signed by so and so’ sneakers. Sure, this might look fantabulous as part of your collection, but it is prone to theft too.

What must you do about these? Well, it is a bit tricky here. Do you protect your wardrobe with a lock and key? Or do you insure your clothes instead? The logical thing to do here would be to install home security systems. These alarm systems decrease the chances of such malice pretty easily.

3. Jewelry—All that Glisters

Perhaps one of the elephants in the room—jewellery is rather easily pawn-able. With exorbitantly high resale values, there is one small advantage that potential culprits might have here. If sold in the right market, jewellery practically needs no authentication.

That being said, aim for insuring your jewelry. This should go on a long way in increasing the longevity and value of your item. First, insured jewellery implies greater value on the market, in case you wish to sell or use it as a selling proposition.

Second, having it insured provides an unexplained sense of tranquillity. You can obviously get a safe system too, but this works in the long term.

4. Electronics—Gadgets and More

With the advent of time, electronics have slowly become assets for us. Think about it, what seemed like a connectivity device has taken the role of a status symbol in this civilised society. What does that mean? Much like other assets, protect this one too.

It does not matter how small the scale is, theft comes in all sizes. Slithering away something as basic as LED lights has become as arbitrary as something even bigger and more exorbitant, like smartwatches and laptops. The point is, it takes a whisker to make these from assets to liabilities.

The silver lining here, though, is easy tracking. Many companies have been working on key tags and lock tags for quite some time now. Basically, you can tag your belongings with these, and these become electronically labelled. This roughly translates to—easy steal, but will become a rough deal.

That being said, you absolutely need to protect electronic items, especially if they are your daily drivers.

5. Drugs—Prescribed or Otherwise

There has been an increasing trend, wherein prescribed drugs are being lifted along with other valuables. Let’s face it, the presence of big Pharma had to put some grade of effect on the trickle down. What a time to be alive, isn’t it?

Keeping the normalcy aspect aside, if you happen to indulge in some recreational stuff too—be extra cautious. The stealing of such items can not only complicate things for you personally, but also with local authorities.

Ideally, you should refrain from doing recreational drugs. But who are we to judge? The whole point here is to be extremely wary of any kinds of drugs, owing to how they are being stolen in great numbers. Considering how many people take prescription drugs, it is pretty pivotal for you to be cautious about this too.

Final Words

Protecting your belongings is obviously an arduous task. But do you know what is more difficult? Retrieving them. This is why you should exercise maximum caution in protecting the said items.

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