What Is the Purchase of Game Currency in Online Games: How to Buy It Correctly And Not Get Banned

There is no such online game where the success and comfort of the player would not depend on the amount of game currency in his inventory.

For game money, equipment and weapons are purchased, services are paid for, and various transactions are carried out within the server. Having a certain amount can greatly simplify the game start, allowing you to immediately buy everything you need, and not wait until the first 10 quests are completed.

Gold is usually farmed in the following ways:

Plot and secondary quests are the main game tasks that are needed to teach the hero the general gameplay, show the main game mechanics and captivate the project, at the same time throwing up new tasks, gold and equipment to start.

Farming on locations – by completing the starting tasks, you will quickly realize that you can get experience directly from monsters, and you do not need to do a million tasks to gain experience.

One important clarification – there is a storyline that simply does not allow you to open new locations to the fullest, so you should follow it, or quickly jump after completing the task much later than intended by the game so as not to waste time and farm a lot. From the monsters themselves, sometimes you can knock out useful materials and even equipment – if you’re lucky.

Buy game gold from a professional service like Skycoach. This is a full-fledged transfer of game money in exchange for real money in compliance with all masking measures and the issuance of guarantees of anonymity and resource assistance in case of problems with the game administration.

What you need to know about buying in-game gold

In itself, the process of buying game gold is a prohibited activity, which, according to game developers, can give some players an advantage over others, and therefore the administration carefully monitors compliance with these rules.

But there is a big nuance that should reassure many players who are considering investing in strengthening their character.

The game administration does not arrange a witch hunt and does not ban everyone in a row on the first suspicion, as this can lead to a strong outflow of players from the project and a drop in the overall online.

In order to ban a player, several factors must coincide, and the quality of gold itself also plays an important role.

The quality of gold is the ego’s way of mining, and there are several types of gold.

Let’s take Blizzard’s World of Warcraft as an example:

High-quality gold is gold obtained in an honest way with the help of farming by legal methods. You can kill monsters or complete quests.

Low-quality gold – such gold is mined in a prohibited way. For example, when hacking the account of another hero, or using third-party programs to automate gold mining. In this case, we mean not a macro mouse or keyboard, which most users have, but full-fledged bot programs that fully imitate the player’s behavior.

By buying high-quality gold, you reduce the chance of getting a ban from the game administration to a minimum and the seller needs to make more serious mistakes so that your transaction is reviewed and entails the intervention of the game administration. Services like Skycoach always work only with honestly mined gold.

What are the risks of buying gold from third-party players

Imagine that you are in the place of the game administration, and you will see the transfer of a large amount of game gold in an unrequited form to another player, and given that twinks (a newly created character for one-time tasks) are often used, the chance of getting a ban will increase many times over. In the best case, they will simply withdraw gold from you and impose a restriction, in the worst case, they will block your account for violating the rules of the game that you confirm when you log into your account.

There is always a chance that the player himself will complain about the loss of gold after making a deal with you.

The most common deception is the refusal to transfer gold after payment. Most transactions take place in the format of first payment – then goods. In this format, you can easily get cheated by another player.

The administration will not take your side, because in their eyes you are the main violator of the game rules and the user agreement.

How the Skycoach player assistance service conducts its transactions

Skycoach is a full-fledged service that solves the needs of players in all popular online games, and the most popular product is game gold.

To order the required amount of in-game gold or glimmers for Destiny 2, you need to do the following:

1. Go to the Skycoach website and choose your game, required service and server and make a payment.

2. You can just contact the manager right away and he will help you make all the necessary manipulations and pay for the order to start the transaction.

3. Select the amount and specify the delivery methods and time that are convenient for you. The safest will be deliveries through the auction format and redemption of your lot for the amount purchased. The second option would be delivery through the mailbox, or transfer from hand to hand with the disguise of the exchange in several ways.

4. At the specified time, expect the delivery of your amount of game gold in the method you have chosen.

You can also buy the equipment you are interested in, and if you just came to the project, then you do not have to look for and buy weapons and armor for game gold – you will immediately purchase everything you need from the Skycoach service.

Do not immediately be upset if your game like fun88 app or server is not among the list available for order.

Write to the manager and if your game supports in-game exchanges and is an online game, then the service will try to find a reliable supplier and deliver the right product, or gold with guarantees of anonymity and the safety of personal data.

If you are still worried about the deal and the safety of your money, then there is a small life hack. Buy a small amount of money by spending your free minimum. For example $10. So you will be convinced of the reliability of the service, look at all the procedures and methods of delivery from the inside, and you will reassure yourself that in fact you do not risk anything.