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6 Questions You Need To Ask About Delta 8 Edibles

After the proclamation of the famous Farm Bill from 2018, we are witnessing a strong market increase for various types of products related to THC. However, what is attracting the attention of the entire public and cannabis users, in particular, is delta-8, an extract that comes from hemp, not marijuana.

As interest in the delta-8 substance grows, there is a market for a wide selection of different types of products that you can find over-the-counter, containing a specific dose of delta 8. Some of these products are edibles in the form of:

• Delta 8 gummies
• Delta 8 cookies
• Delta 8 chocolate
• Delta 8 lozenges
• Delta 8 beverages

These types of edibles are the new “coolest cat in town,” but since this is a relatively new type of product, we will present the answers to six frequently asked questions about delta-8 edibles.

1. Do Delta 8 Edibles Get You High?

Generally speaking, the answer is yes! However, there’s a significant difference between getting high from delta-8 edibles and delta-9 edibles.

Delta 8 edibles give you the comfort of a controlled psychoactive effect. The reason is significantly lower THC levels than with delta 9, so you feel only mild effects that relax and even increase your focus.

The prevailing impression of delta-8 edibles users is that they can perform all activities, including professional, complex tasks, after consuming this substance.

2. How Long Does It Take To Start Working?

By themselves, delta-8 edibles need significantly more time to start operating than delta 9. The effects are similar to wine.

However, a precise general answer to this question cannot be given because everything depends on the constitution and speed of metabolism of the person taking these edibles. Until the first effects can be noticed, the usual period is anywhere between 1 and 2 hours.

3. How Long Does the Effect Last?

It all depends on the physical characteristics of the consumer. However, the duration of the effects when, for example, you take delta-8 gummies can be anywhere between 4 and 12 hours. These are very mild effects, which won’t disrupt your daily actions, but you will undoubtedly feel them.

There is a possibility that you can feel the effects even after sleeping, just from one piece of candy. So, in essence, the delta-8 edible takes a long time to start working, but it can also work for a long time.

4. Are Delta 8 Edibles Safe?

There’s no reason to worry. These edibles have been accurately measured and clinically tested. Since they have low levels of THC, there is no danger of anxiety and paranoia.

The same thing applies when we talk about the effects of edibles on the physiological system. Slight acceleration of your metabolism and a more frequent need for food may occur, and that’s all.

However, it’s necessary to note that edibles are mostly extremely sweet due to additional sweeteners, so people who have a high level of sugar in their blood should consult a specialist before taking delta 8 in this form.

5. The Recommended Dose for the First Time?

Here, as well, a 100% precise answer cannot be given, but what experts recommend for safe first use is 5 mg of delta 8, and that is usually contained in half of one gum.

As mentioned, the strength of action at the first intake depends on the body weight and metabolism of the individual and his or her tolerance to THC. There is a significant difference in the degree of potency in a person who regularly ingested THC compared to a person who has never tried marijuana, or at least not for a long time.

6. Edibles on Drug Tests?

The real irony is that THC is visible in the analysis of your urine when using delta-8 edibles. However, these chewing gums and candies contain incomparably lower levels of tetrahydrocannabinol than any other cannabis product.

Therefore, you should be careful if you encounter frequent testing due to the nature of your job.


Expanding awareness and getting better information about delta-8 from hemp has been going on for the last three years. The enactment of the law contributes to the growing market of products from this extract and a bright future for this industry.

To summarize, delta-8 edibles are entirely legal, safe, and above all, effective, both for medical and recreational purposes.

Since they are also widely available, there’s no reason not to try some of the delta-8 edibles.

However, again, we have to point out the fact that it is best to talk to a medical professional. If you know someone who is not a medical professional but has experience with similar products, this person’s advice can also prove beneficial. The most important thing is to stay safe and not put yourself in harm’s way.

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