Important Questions To Ask Before Buying A House

It’s not a secret that buying a house can sometimes be an overwhelming and difficult decision to make. There are many options to choose from, then there’s the further concern of narrowing these down. Given that a house could be a pricey investment, you’ll want to be sure you’re paying for a good investment.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help you through the house buying process. Whether you’re going through apartments, luxury homes, or a bungalow, for instance, by asking the right questions, you can give yourself that higher assurance that you’re making the right choice on the house you’ll buy.

That said, here are some of these important questions:

1. What’s The Purpose For Selling The House?

First of all, you’ve got to get insights into why the seller, or original owner, is putting their house up for sale. You wouldn’t want to be the sponge of someone else’s problem that they’re trying to let go of.

While you can take a seller’s word for it, it doesn’t hurt to do extra research on your own. You can go as far as going through the details of the home to find problem areas. Get to know the reputation of the home’s location, as you may be putting yourself in an area with a high crime rate, or a high risk of natural disasters.

Most importantly, asking about the reason for moving may also enable you to haggle the price. Depending on the reason for moving, some homeowners are willing to go for a lower price, if it means getting rid of the home faster.

2. How Much Is Your Budget?

Next, you’ll have to ask yourself what your budget is. There are many homes to choose from in the real estate selling market, but not all of these will necessarily fit your budget. It’s not wise to go beyond what you can afford, as this can only set you up for a longer loan term. The perfect house for you doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

The key here is for you to balance out the price with the size, location, age and overall quality of the home. For instance, if by the looks of it the house will still need repairs to be livable again, then you may want to haggle for a lower selling price.

Identifying and working within your budget is a good way to narrow down your options, so you can immediately tick off from your list the houses that are unrealistic for your financial situation.

3. Is The Home Prone To Natural Disasters Like Flooding?

This third question is very important to ask, particularly when you’re going to buy a home that’s not within your local state. If you’re unfamiliar with the new location you’re moving to and the house you’ll potentially live in, go ahead and ask for advice from a real estate agent. Apart from these professionals, you may also want to research on the position of the house’s location.

If it’s prone to flooding and other natural disasters, then you might want to skip that home—even if the price is attractive. Not only will this be a major inconvenience should disaster strike, but houses that are positioned in places that have been identified by federal authorities as disaster-prone will also mean additional coverage for your property insurance.

If there are other better homes that don’t set you up for this added cost and risk, then why go for one that’s risky?questions before buying house

4. What’s Included In The Sale?

Obviously, you know that you’re getting the building itself. But, there are other sellers that have fixtures as a part of the sale, while others don’t. Asking about what’s included in the sale can enable you to do the math as to the added expenses later on that you’ll have to go through, to furnish the home.

For instance, a home that’s already built with so many well-functioning cabinets, toilets, showers, and faucets will typically be a better choice than a home where you basically only have the frame and plumbing in place.


Before paying for the final purchase on a house, you’ll want to give yourself that assurance that it’s the right home for you. It’s like saying ‘I do’ to the one you’ll be with for the rest of your life. A house isn’t just like a shirt that you can replace regularly when it no longer fits.

For many homebuyers, this is a one-time big purchase. When selecting through the possible homes to purchase, be sure you ask the right questions, starting with the ones above. In doing so, you’re bringing yourself closer towards your ‘forever home’.