quit a job with humility

How To Quit A Job With Humility And Good Manners

Are you considering giving up your job? Whatever your reasons are for wanting to resign, you don’t have to feel bad about it. Sometimes, people just need to move on. But you need to know that it’s not easy to quit a job, especially if you have worked in the company for a long time.

And if it’s your first time to resign from work, then the road ahead may not be smooth for you. What’s important is that you know how to quit a job with humility. And that is the topic of this article. Here you will learn how you can leave your job without destroying the relationships you’ve formed there.

You need to know how to quit a job with humility. Even if you’re going to a better office or will be getting a higher salary, there’s no reason for you to be arrogant about leaving. First of all, you need to be grateful to your current employer.

Even if you hate your current job and office you can’t deny the fact that your stint there has taught you some very important lessons. The experiences that you’ve gained from your current life have contributed to what you are today. So you need to show gratitude to your employer and your colleagues.

If you’re planning to leave, you shouldn’t schedule it at a time when your company is facing a big project. If you feel that you’re still needed by your company, then maybe you can just quit after the big project has been completed.

Another way to resign with humility is to inform your superiors about your plans immediately. That is by preparing a good email resignation letter, which you will send to them at the perfect time possible.

You also need to give them some time to prepare for the transition period. You also need to give them time to find a suitable replacement for the position you’re leaving behind. You also need to cooperate with your employers and give them whatever they need for a smooth transition.

Knowing how to quit a job with humility means that you need to do it the right way. This means that you need to do it in writing. You need to write a formal resignation letter to your employer. In your letter, you need to state the effectiveness of your resignation.

It’s also nice to express in your letter your gratitude for the opportunity to work in the company. The letter will serve as a record of your action. Putting your recognition in writing makes it formal. But of course, you may still need to talk to your boss in person in case he or she has questions about your plan.

Now that you know how to quit a job with humility and good manners, you’re now ready to take the necessary steps to leave your job. When you leave your job with humility then you know that you have not burned any bridges.

So if you’ll ever need the assistance of your employers and colleagues in the future, then you won’t be embarrassed to approach them, which is likely especially if you’ll be staying in the same industry.

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