How ReactJS App Development Can Benefit Your Company

Hi there! Let’s talk today about the benefits of ReactJS and how they can improve the customer’s engagement of your business or company. Hire a ReactJS development company and get a great product.

ReactJS: Brief Overview

React JS is a set of ready-made solutions for mobile apps and web applications, a modern solution from Facebook. Do you want to always be successful in your business and keep up with the times? Then you must at least know about the new technologies and be able to use them.

The world first heard about the React library from Facebook in 2013. Nowadays it has become very popular among developers. React JS web development can even be called one of the trendiest technologies. The popularity among such big companies as Instagram, Yahoo!, Airbnb, and Sony speaks for itself.

Why ReactJS?

The React JS library enables the same code to be used both in the server part and in the client part of the application, which has a number of advantages for the client.

First, this approach helps to make the application visualization faster, which makes it much more convenient for users to work with your app. Second, such pages are much better indexed by the search engines. Third, since the same code can be used in both the server and client parts of the application, there is no need to duplicate the same functionality. As a result, both development times and costs are much lower.

In addition, the entire structure can be thought through down to the last detail in the design phase, which can be changed again and again if the business strategy should change. It is actually one of the best solutions for mobile app and web application development.

Facebook’s solution has a number of advantages, such as easy scalability and stress resistance, as well as the ability to easily develop even the most complex applications in the shortest possible time. Updating the data on the site and working with it without restarting the site are the key features of ReactJS development. It is precisely for this reason that this technology is used by numerous ReactJS agencies.

Developing with this library is suitable for small and medium-sized companies as well as large corporations. So hiring a ReactJS development company is a great choice for this aim.

Advantages of ReactJS Development

• The possibility of developing high-performance resources;
• Development based on user experience;
• Effective indexing in the search engines;
• Immediate updating of information without restarting the page;
• Working with JavaScript and HTML in JSX makes the components easy and accessible;
• Professional support of the finished application;
• The product is very easy to transfer to a mobile platform;
• The library is constantly updated and optimized.

Now, Let’s Observe Everything in Detail.

The most perfect interactive solution for your company would be a single-page app. The advantages of developing single-page applications, as in any client-server application, are that there is a division into client and server parts, which can be developed, if necessary, by separate teams. And if you need to change the application interface, you don’t need to touch the business logic, or vice versa.

Another advantage of single-page applications is their high loading speed: we get a beautiful, ultra-modern, and superfast web application where everything updates without rebooting.

But, on the other hand, all efforts can be nullified due to the following critical disadvantages:

SEO Optimization of Single Page Applications

SPA is not initially suitable for SEO needs. Since a single page application dynamically loads data and generates markup, usually search engine crawlers cannot see and index such content. As a result, the single page application will be indexed as a blank page.

Therefore, programmers have to additionally create separate pages (usually HTML pages) for search bots, and, together with the webmaster, think over the logic of building the site structure so that such content is indexed. In any case, additional search engine optimization of a single page application can significantly increase development time.

Single Page Application Performance

Since the content of a single page application is generated dynamically, it is rendered only after the application has fully loaded and initialized, so users can see a blank page or a loading icon for a few seconds (unlike traditional HTML pages, where the browser renders the content as it loads HTML). Especially during the first visit to the site, when the page resources have not yet been cached.

And such a site, thus, loses potential customers, because those few seconds are critical in deciding whether to leave or stay on the site. For example, Amazon calculated that a 100-millisecond increase in load time would automatically reduce their profit by 1%.

Single Page Application Support

Sometimes the same actions have to be done on both the client and the server. The simplest example is form validation. Often the client and server are written in different languages, therefore we end up with two variants of the same functionality that need to be supported in parallel. This applies not only to single-page applications but to all web applications in general.

How Does Modern Technology Help Solve These Problems?

Let’s talk here about the hybrid approach in the ReactJS development.

In order to adapt one-page sites to SEO needs and ensure that they load and index quickly by search engines, the development paradigm has shifted towards isomorphic JavaScript. Isomorphic code is code that can run on both the client and server-side.

What Does This Mean in the Context of Single Page Applications?

When the site is first accessed, all operations are performed on the server, and HTML with all the information is transmitted to the browser, just like on ordinary websites with static pages that search engines can index. After loading the JS, the site turns into a “single page application” and works accordingly.

The most illustrative isomorphic apps are the well-known Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Airbnb, and others.

Various libraries are used to develop isomorphic applications, for example, Meteor, Derby, or like in our case, React JS.

The isomorphism of React JS gives you and the user of your single page application two main benefits:

• It is easier for search bots to view and index website pages;
• Improved user experience when interacting with your React site.

An isomorphic React application is a single page application that can be rendered on the server. The point of server rendering is that for clients that do not support or have limited support for JavaScript (for example, search bots), you can serve static files like index.html, page1.html, page2.html, etc.

In addition, React’s isomorphism improves the loading speed of applications and allows users to see information on the page faster as it is loaded.

When a site loads quickly, user experience factors improve: in simple terms, users are more loyal to this resource and stay on the site longer. Today, behavioral factors are one of the most important factors in ranking a site by Google, more important than traditional ones, for example, such as keyword density.

React Native: It Works Better with ReactJS

React Native – the framework that makes mobile application development using ReactJS.

If you are planning to develop an enterprise web application and are not entirely sure whether developing a mobile version of that application is a good idea, better hire a ReactJS development company. The React Native framework enables the existing logic of the web application to be used when developing the mobile app.

This means that if you plan to use not only the website but also the mobile app, there is no need to involve two large development teams in the work.


To summarize everything, ReactJS is actually a modern technology for a successful business. The most important advantage of React JS software is the component-based structure of the application. The possibility to change the existing components with ease and to use the code again ensure a continuous improvement process in React JS development.

The advanced technologies of Virtual DOM or isomorphic JavaScript allow complex applications to be developed with high performance. Working with the library increases the speed of product development as well as the level of quality control, it makes the project cross-functional and allows for an individual approach to work.