Five Reasons To Try Boxing In 2023

We are a nation of sports lovers. From the soccer fans attending their team’s home matches to those who enjoy placing Vegas Super Bowl bets from their own home. And as we enter 2023, many of us will make those old promises to get more involved. To put sport and fitness at the forefront of our thinking, lifting weights, tackling cardio classes, and adopting a healthier diet.

For many, New Year’s resolutions don’t last the test of time. And there are several reasons for this. Poor planning, time management, and work or family commitments. Could boxing help?

Place your trust in experience

Boxing is one of the oldest sports in human history and can be traced back to the early Olympic Games in Ancient Greece and further still. We’ve all watched a big fight live on TV, but have you ever given the noble art a try by joining a boxing gym? The sport has many benefits, including improving health, helping with weight loss, and tackling mental health issues. And it’s easier to get into than you may think.

In this article, our writers give five benefits to boxing training and why you should start sooner rather than later. By the end of this page, you’ll have a better understanding of what boxing could offer, how to join your local club, and the benefits it could have to your mental well-being. We want to give you all the information needed to get started.

1. Cardio

Boxing is nothing if not great for fitness. The high-paced three-minute rounds of heavy bags and focus mitts help build unrelenting stamina, which is excellent for your heart. It may not be the case when you join, but your fitness levels will grow, and you’ll quickly notice you are getting through the rounds easier.

It’s important to remember that if you are putting in the necessary effort, you will always be tired and challenged during the rounds. You’ll know you are getting fitter when you recover quicker.

2. Strength

Boxing is the original and best full-body workout. This sport does everything from punching for building strength and muscles in your shoulders to circuits and jumping rope for leg endurance. The short, snappy format of the rounds this perfect for honing explosive power.

You will find only a few boxing classes incorporating weights, but some may add light weights, such as dumbells and kettlebells, to a circuit. There is an age-old belief in boxing that doing weights slows you down but – thankfully – after years of misinformation, boxing gyms are beginning to welcome strength training.

3. Self-defence

Boxing is perfect for weight loss and muscle gain, but it truly is something special regarding self-defense. Boxing doesn’t train people to be aggressive louts who go on the lookout for trouble. Instead, most fighters are so aware of their talents and the dangers they pose they’re much more likely to avoid confrontation.

Boxing isn’t about knocking people out cold at the drop of a hat. It’s taught to reduce confrontation. Boxing is about hitting and not being hit. You’ll learn many quick attacks but twice as many defensive moves that will keep you safe in the ring and life.

4. Weight loss

Do one boxing session, and we guarantee your t-shirt and other items of training clothes will be soaked with sweat. Training in the noble art is tough, but it makes you feel more alive than ever. Stick at it, and you’ll see the pounds drip away.

It’s essential when embarking on a weight loss journey using boxing for cardio and resistance training not to get too hung up on the scales. Many professional boxers must monitor their weight carefully. Unless you’re competing, that’s not necessary. Forget the scales and trust the process.

If you’re eager to lose weight, take clues from how your clothes fit and how you feel in your day-to-day tasks rather than what the bathroom scales have to say.

5. Confidence

Boxing is great for confidence. Knowing you have the best self-defense, your body is finely tuned, and you’re eating and sleeping right. All these jigsaw pieces combine to give you the kind of self-confidence you’ve never felt before.

If you’re looking for a new gym routine or hobby, 2023 could be the year to give boxing a chance.