How to Reduce Wrinkles?

Every woman wants to be young and beautiful forever, with smooth and elastic skin, but wrinkles are the greatest natural enemy of women. When women reach a certain age, many parts of the face will gradually appear wrinkles, and wrinkles are also a sign of female aging.

When many people find that wrinkles appear on their faces, they will be anxious, panic, and eager to know how to make wrinkles disappear, and then they start to try various skincare products, anti-wrinkle products, etc. Some products can improve wrinkles. Some have not improved at all, so what should be done to correct and effectively improve facial wrinkles without a lot of attempts?

If you want to improve wrinkles, you need to understand wrinkles first. Only when we figure out how wrinkles come from and why they are formed, can we prevent and reduce wrinkles well in advance!

What are wrinkles?

Wrinkles are small fine lines and wrinkles formed by the formation of free radicals on the skin under the influence of the external environment. Free radicals destroy the collagen and active substances in normal cell membrane tissues and oxidize cells.

Wrinkles gradually appeared. The order of appearance is generally forehead, upper and lower eyelids, lateral canthus, preauricular area, cheek, neck, chin, and perioral area. Facial wrinkles divide into two types: shrinking wrinkles and hypertrophy wrinkles.

Atrophic wrinkles refer to wrinkles on thin, easily cracked, and dry skin, such as those numerous small wrinkles around the eyes; hypertrophic wrinkles refer to wrinkles on oily skin, which are small in quantity, but dense and deep in texture, such as the forehead. The latest discovery of wrinkles around the lips and under the jaw.

After understanding what wrinkles are, we know that wrinkles are related to skin collagen, cell activity, and other factors. That is to say, if they have already appeared, we should perform skin anti-wrinkle in advance to delay the appearance of wrinkles. Then we take care of the skin to make the skin smooth, firm, and elastic.

Ten maintenance and anti-wrinkle recipes

Basic maintenance small actions:

1. Eat more foods

Eat more foods with antioxidant properties, such as vitamin C, E, green tea polyphenols, grape polyphenols, etc., which are all anti-oxidant ingredients. You can ingest more fruits because grape polyphenols exist in grape seeds. It is recommended that you drink grape juice when you eat grapes, and you can drink grape polyphenols together with grape seeds.

2. Reduce peroxide formation

Peroxide is the major cause of free radicals. If it can be avoided as much as possible, cell oxidation can be effectively prevented. For example, don’t smoke or eat less high-calorie irritating food. It can effectively stop the formation of peroxides in the body.

3. Always pay attention to moisturizing

Ingest 2000ml of water a day, and carry moisturizing products at any time and replenish them in time to avoid dry fine lines on the skin.

Moisturizing tips: You can make a five-minute moisturizing facial mask with paper film makeup water.

4. Exfoliate moderately

Appropriate exfoliation depends on your skin condition. Exfoliation does not necessarily have to be done on the entire face but can locally. The simple way to determine when and where to exfoliate your skin is as follows-When you feel that your facial skin becomes rough, your pores become more visible, and you have acne. These are all signs of exfoliation.

Tip: Although exfoliating can instantly refresh the skin, it can help ingredients be better absorbed, but in many cases, exfoliating also makes the skin very bad. Not all skin types are suitable for regular exfoliation:

  • The first category is soft skin without exfoliating.
  • Second category fragile skin cannot be exfoliated, such as acne skin and bloodshot skin.
  • The third category has been exfoliated and no longer exfoliates, such as skin that has used special lotion or whitening products with exfoliating function.

5. Make your skin sunscreen

Try to avoid exposing your skin to the sun when you are outdoors. It is better to take two more steps to a shaded area. Try to choose clothing with covering properties. If you don’t wear sun protection clothing, apply sunscreen products.

6. Get enough sleep

Sleep is the critical time for the skin to repair itself every day, and sleep can also effectively help the muscles relax.

(You can use photos to record your skin condition when you wake up, when you leave work, and when you stay up late. You can compare the lines that appear when the skin gets tired, and the lines can get good improvement after a sufficient rest on the sleeping surface)

Four foods help sleep:

Milk: Milk contains two kinds of hypnotic substances for Anesthesia and analgesia, similar to opium, which makes people feel comfortable throughout the body and helps relieve fatigue and fall asleep.

Millet: Among all grains, millet contains the most abundant tryptophan. In addition, millet contains a lot of starch, which makes people feel full, promotes insulin secretion, and increases the tryptophan that enters the brain.

Walnut: In clinical practice, walnuts can improve sleep quality, so they are often used to treat symptoms such as neurasthenia, insomnia, forgetfulness, and dreaminess. The specific eating method is to mix with black sesame seeds, pound them into a paste, take 15 grams before bed. It works well.

Sunflower seeds: Sunflower seeds contain a variety of amino acids and vitamins, which can regulate metabolism, improve the inhibitory function of brain cells, and calm the nerves.

In addition, jujube, honey, vinegar, and whole wheat bread are also foods that help sleep.

7. The cleaning action should be gentle

When cleaning the skin every day, avoid excessive pulling on the skin. It is recommended to use the middle finger and the finger pad of the ring finger when doing the cleansing action, which will not cause the skin to load.

8. Avoid scratching the skin

When the skin is uncomfortable, avoid itching and scratching with your fingers, because these actions can easily damage the tissue structure of the skin, loosen the skin, and even leave scars.

9. To love lines(appropriate massage out of the place)

To effectively avoid the appearance of expression lines, you can provide timely massage in the areas where expression lines are prone to appear on the skin (such as the brows, the end of the eyes, the corners of the mouth, etc.).

Step 1: After applying lotion on the cheeks, use your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger to rub it in a spiral from bottom to top. Let the face be thoroughly relaxed.

Step 2: Then start from your lower jaw bone with your index finger and middle finger, gently squeeze the massage upwards and slightly clamp the facial tissue to the earlobe. This action has to be repeated 5 times persistently.

Step 3: Use the belly of the index finger and middle finger to massage from the bridge of the nose to the top of the ears along the cheeks. Hold for 10 seconds and then massage back from the opposite direction. With your middle finger sticking out around the nose, you can gently rub the sides from top to bottom.

Step 4: Use your index finger and middle finger to make a “V” victory sign. Close your eyes and gently massage back and forth with your fingertips. This will help eliminate eye bags.

Step 5: According to the width of your forehead, use three or four fingers to gently massage your forehead back and forth. Slowly massage from one temple to the other temple. This can effectively help you clean up the excess texture on your face.


You can also use a household beauty device to massage. KINGDO 8 in 1 Red and Blue Light Therapy Facial Massager has 8 functions, and can effectively export pores dirt, remove deep makeup, reduce wrinkles, import nutrients to the skin, lift & firm skin, remove dark circles, and eliminate edema, calm after sun, etc.


You can use this as part of your daily and nighttime skincare routine. Red and blue light therapy assist, double repair, reshape facial collagen. Red light therapy treats stretch marks and lifts delicate skin, blue light cleans acne and balances oil.


10. Stroke the face often

Relieve muscle pressure to help avoid expression lines (Touching the skin with the hand can effectively distract nerve conduction, thus relaxing the muscles and avoiding expression lines.

Golden rules for smoothing wrinkles

If you feel that you are in your early 20s a long way from aging, you are very wrong! The appearance of fine lines, small wrinkles, stains, dry face, and muscle relaxation are all primary symptoms of skin aging.

Golden Rule 1: Isolation and sun protection are the key

The UVA rays in the sun are one of the two main culprits of skin aging. Applying sunscreen (SPF 15 or above) every day can reduce the degree of photo-aging of the skin.

Golden Rule 2: Skincare starts with “maintenance genes”

As I get older, some favorite skincare products don’t seem to be as effective as when I first started using them? Is the product ingredient invalid? Or is the skin inert to the product? The reason for this feeling is that the foundation of the skin has deteriorated.

Therefore, if you want to stay old, you must start with the maintenance of genes. The patented active substance essence in the essence formula can re-stimulate the activity of specific genes, thereby promoting the synthesis of “repairing” proteins. In this way, the skin can regenerate this unique “repairing” protein after 6 hours, to achieve the purpose of gene maintenance and keep the skin from aging.

Golden Rule 3: Moisturizing is the foundation

The ingredient in the skin that has the function of locking water is called the moisturizing factor (biologically called hyaluronic acid HA). Hyaluronic acid in the human body is synthesized by the human body by ingesting foods rich in mucopolysaccharides.

And hyaluronic acid will decrease with age. Under the condition of computer ultraviolet light and heat, hyaluronic acid will slowly decompose and consume. Therefore, the older you get, the more dry skin, wrinkles, and sagging skin will appear.

Golden Rule 4: Develop good eating habits

Experts pointed out that vegetables and fruits play a very important role in the anti-aging process. Such as anti-aging foods: garlic, soybeans, broccoli, winter melon, carrots, tomatoes, fish (tuna, crucian), shellfish, onions, cabbage, tofu, mushrooms, potatoes, coriander, spinach, eggs, walnuts, chocolate, malt, yogurt, strawberries, oranges, apples, and other fresh fruits and vegetables.

Golden Rule 5: From the inside out, don’t ignore the inner conditioning

With age, the skin condition declines rapidly, and the replacement of expensive cosmetics may not necessarily see obvious results. Skin aging is becoming increasingly obvious, and the complexion is dull.

Indeed, maintenance alone is far from enough. From the inside to the outside, through internal replenishment and conditioning, the health of the body, the beauty of the skin, and the delay of physical and skin aging can be achieved.

Golden Rule 6: Keep doing aerobic exercise

Long-term adherence to aerobic exercise can increase hemoglobin in the body, improve the body’s resistance, and anti-aging. Regular aerobic exercises include walking, brisk walking, jogging, skating, swimming, cycling, fitness dance, rope skipping/rhythmics, and so on.