Why Relationships Make Us Healthier

Have you ever wondered why so many couples live long, healthy lives? There are plenty of reasons that it makes great sense to have a partner by your side as you go through life. But, one of the big benefits of coupling is that you have an objective pair of eyes to keep an eye on your wellbeing.

So, if you’re single and wondering what’s the big deal about finding someone and that you’re fine alone, then consider the following ways that duos support each other in health, sickness, wealth, and everything else.

It’s All About the Skin

When you have a life partner who can help keep an eye on the health of your skin, you’re better off all around. Most of us, especially during our single days, never give a thought to doing a whole-body check for signs of serious illness that often appear in hard to see spots on the torso, legs, and back of the neck.

Of the thousands of great reasons to have a partner, one of the most practical pertains to mutual observation. Sometimes you can save someone’s life just by saying, “that doesn’t look good. You should have it checked out. I’m making a doctor’s appointment for you.”

Learning Twice as Much Together

When two members of a couple put their heads together and focus on a single subject, they enjoy the power of synergy. Whether the goal is to learn martial arts, take a sculpture class, study a new language, or research serious topics like the relationship between marijuana and cancer, two minds can get the job done faster.

Pairs who want to check out the potential cancer risks of cannabis or who just want to find the best cannabis for their needs can do online research together. In fact, the topic is rather wide and lends itself to a team approach. Questions that each person can study individually include:

• Does cannabis use help relieve the discomfort of cancer treatments?
• Can medical marijuana (MM) interfere with chemotherapy drugs?
• What is the best kind of MM for the different kinds of major illnesses?
• How does chronic pain respond to the use of MM?

Encouragement Can Motivate Anyone

Who hasn’t faced the prospect of needing to drop a few pounds or get back onto an exercise routine? One of the subtle motivational aspects of having a second-half is encouragement.

When the person you chose to spend your life with suggests you might want to start eating right and renew old exercise routines, one or two words can have a powerful effect on the desire to better oneself. For whatever reason, we all seem to respond better to a bit of objective encouragement than to a mirror.

Emotional Support in Times of Trouble

Being sad or seriously depressed is tough enough, but having to slog through such a state alone is even worse. In addition to suggesting possible solutions, a life partner can do a lot just by being there, by listening, and offering commonsense advice. When the blues strike, it’s always better to have a shoulder to lean on.