What Can Be Done With A Finished And Renovated Basement?

The basement has been waiting for some attention ever since you bought the property. At best, it’s been the place where you put anything that would not fit into the closets or the attic. Rather than continuing to all the basement to be a catch-all, why not convert it into functional space? A basement contractor, such as from BasementsCanada.com, can oversee the finishing and renovation with ease. Here are some ideas on what to do with the space.

The Perfect Spare Bedroom

If there’s one grip that you have about the house, it’s the fact that you need another bedroom. When company comes for the weekend, there’s no space set aside for them. That means one of the kids has to bundle in with a sibling or the guests end up sleeping on a fold-out couch or an air bed. None of these options is particularly appealing.

The basement can be renovated into an attractive spare bedroom. Go the extra mile and have a full bathroom installed in the space as well. The result is that guests have comfortable and private spaces to occupy during their stay. It also means no one has to give up their beds for company.

A Great Spot for a Home Office

Home offices make sense even if no one in the household is currently telecommuting. Spaces like this are ideal for storing family documents, doing homework, taking care of the family finances, and even having some quiet space to conduct research.

Since the basement is away from the main sources of activity within the home, it’s easier to enjoy some peace and quiet. That’s important when you need to concentrate on a task and not be constantly interrupted.

A Den for Casual Living

You’ve always been the type that went into action whenever visitors were on the way. That meant quickly gathering up anything cluttering the living room and dining areas in an effort to make the place look tidy. Once the guests were gone, everything would be pulled back out. That’s no way to live.

Considering converting the basement into a den that can be the place with everything is a little more casual. When someone visits, close the basement door and lead your guests into the tidy living room. Nothing has to be put away in a rush, and it’s all the easier to get back to what you were doing before the guest arrived.

Your Own Workshop or Craft Room

Dedicating space specifically for hobbies or projects is an excellent approach. As part of the renovation, install cabinetry and work surfaces that will allow you to manage just about any type of project that one can imagine. Depending on whether you lean more toward handicrafts or want space to repair or build things for the house, it’ll be easy for the contractor to recommend how to lay out the basement.

Add Guest/Storage/Kids Play Area to House

Though a finished basement does not usually add when computing the square footage of a house for resale purposes, potential buyers prefer purchasing a home with a finished basement. It’s because finished basements add useful space to the house.

An otherwise gloomy and dark space can better be converted into a children’s play area, guest area, or storage space. It will be a pleasant transformation for your kids and guests. Also, the prospective buyers will love buying a house with a finished basement.

These are a few ideas that you can adopt if you’re planning to renovate your home basement. However, make sure to hire a professional basement contractor to implement these ideas successfully.

Are you ready to do something with the basement? Call in a professional and see what needs to be done to the space properly. Once the finishing is done, it will be easy to settle on a specific function and work out the particulars with an experienced basement renovation contractor who knows how to make it happen.