4 Tips For Renovating A Period Property

Are you lucky enough to live in a gorgeous period property? Have you found yourself facing renovations but are afraid of where to start?

Dealing with a period property can have its challenges, especially when it comes to renovating the space. There are many hurdles to jump through and many building regulations to think about.

However, once you have the proper permission and found the right craftsmen for your period, property renovation will run smoothly; this blog will list 4 of the critical considerations to consider before renovating a period property.

1. Get the Proper Planning Permission

Before you start on any renovation, you need to make sure that you are adhering to any laws and regulations relevant to the area where the property is. Otherwise, you could start work and spend a lot of money only to find you have to stop while everything is checked or, even worse, undo everything already done.

There might be more restrictions on what you can do if your house is a listed building, particularly if any work alters the appearance of the building and/or has an impact on any neighboring properties. It will also be worth your while to talk to your neighbors and build up good relationships with them.

Any renovation work you do will realistically have an impact on the surrounding area and houses (noise, dirt, extra vehicles on the road etc), so maintaining a good relationship with your neighbors will help your work go much more smoothly and avoid any unnecessary trouble.

2. Research

If you are renovating a period property, it is essential to do your research on materials and fixtures. While remodeling means renewing and updating your home, you should also consider continuity when it comes to any building works. You do not want to ruin a gorgeous Georgian townhouse with modern features that do not align with the architectural style.

Luckily, planning permission will inhibit you from doing anything that is too far from the building’s original structure. Your architect and build team will help you with your research and design plans.

3. Avoid Over Modernizing

Many people replace old finishes and fixtures with modern assets. However, it is much better not to over-modernize. You will find that modern features and overly contemporary fixtures will clash with the home’s aesthetic. Choosing the right joiner to help with any woodwork or permanent fixtures can help you avoid over-modernizing. New Forest Joinery is home to expert joiners who will undoubtedly help you with a successful renovation.

4. Do Not Rush

Diving into a renovation project headfirst and at full speed can cause many problems, whatever the age of your property, but period properties will cause even more problems. It is essential that you do not rush the works and take your time over each step – using the correct building materials from suppliers like ADA Fastfix. For example, if it is taking a while to source authentic materials, be patient. It is much better to wait for them rather than rush and buy something out of the property’s character.

Following these four tips will help you on your journey to a successful renovation project, one that generates the best from your period home. Take your time not to rush and always scrutinize planning permission before you start anything.