risks for motorcycle riders

Road Risks for Motorcycle Riders

Riding a motorcycle is exciting and extreme, therefore extremely dangerous for life, so do not forget about road hazards. So that you can avoid at least some types of hazards, or at least be prepared for such situations, we have prepared for you an article about the dangers faced by motorcyclists on the road.

You need to understand that, like everything in life, riding a motorcycle is a risk. Therefore, try to minimize this risk by following basic motorcycle safety tips.

When it comes to driving in the rain, some people like it, and some don’t like it at all. On the one hand, if you get caught in the rain on a motorcycle, it will be an interesting experience, but on the other hand, it can be a terrible trip on the so-called “slippery rails”.

You should always navigate calmly and not jerk your motorcycle. Harsh braking, acceleration, and fast steering can result in temporary loss of traction and cause crash.

When a motorcyclist moves in the aisle, several dangerous situations can occur. If the driver of the car rebuilds without looking in the rear-view mirrors and can encounter a motorcycle moving in the aisle, then the motorist is already found guilty. For example, if the distance between the motorcycle and other vehicles is very close, the sides may collision, and in this case, the motorcyclist will be considered the culprit since he was performing the advanced maneuver.

We hope our article has told a little new or reminded us of the rules, thanks to which a motorcyclist can increase his safety and avoid danger on the road.

A common risk while riding a motorcycle is visual recognition. While riding this type of transport, the targets are visually reduced. In this vein, the weather, traffic flow, road condition can make the situation even worse.

Rules, adhering to which you can increase your security

Now let’s look at a few rules, adhering to which you can increase your security.

• For starters, you should know that 80% of the world’s motorcycle accidents are caused by the driver. Therefore, roughly speaking, a motorcyclist should behave as if they do not see you and are even trying to kill you – think about what to do in a situation if the car goes one way or another, and also watch the road.

• As for the remaining 20% of motorcycle accidents, alcohol is the culprit. Even a few beers will significantly slow down your reaction and increase your risks.

• The next tip is to always wear full motorcycle gear, starting with a helmet, unless you want to end up on the sidelines one day with head injuries, which are usually fatal. Gloves are equally important – a simple manipulation will keep your skin on your fingers in the event of a fall, not to mention the integrity of your bones.

• When transporting a passenger, do not forget to instruct so that he does not fall on you during braking, and also holds on correctly.

• Also, we advise you to adhere to the “two seconds” rule when you follow the car. And when rebuilding, do not forget to look in the mirrors and turn your head. Never ride in a stream of trucks, they hate it, and when you follow them, they are unlikely to see.

• Overtaking should be done on the left and done quickly, trying to pass the “blind spot” as quickly as possible.

• When riding with another motorcyclist or in a group, do not ride on the same level, but one after the other (you may not be on the same level), keeping a distance.

• This may be obvious, but many people often forget about it: you always need to check your motorcycle before a ride so that everything works as it should. Particular attention should be paid to tires, brake fluid, antilock brakes, expansion joints.

• Under normal conditions, a motorcyclist always does a lot of manipulations at the same time – acceleration, shift, braking while cornering. But when it’s raining outside, we advise you to focus on individual actions.

• We also pointed out above that the overwhelming number of accidents involving a motorcycle and cars occur because the motorist simply does not see the motorcycle.

On the road, the motorcyclist should pay close attention to the following objects:

  • pavement,
  • railway,
  • bridge joints,
  • debris objects,
  • gravel pavement,
  • open bridge,
  • railway track.

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